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Occurred : 6/2/2003 03:00 (Entered as : 06/02/2003 03:00)
Reported: 8/25/2003 6:10:25 PM 18:10
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: West Chester, OH
Shape: Oval
Duration:15-20 minutes
SUMMARY: A resident of West Chester, Ohio reports a dramatic sighting near his residence that was accompanied by a local power failure.

Greg M.(name on file)says he was awakened around 2:30 AM by the sound of his UPS system beeping to let him know the power was out in his home. Greg informed me that an UPS system is an uninterruptible power supply. Bascially a battery backup to his computer. It can run his entire system with no utility power for about 2 hours. When its activated it signals an alarm to notify him that the power has been interrrupted to the house so he can safely shut down the computer.

When Greg heard the beeping he thought maybe a storm was coming so he got out of bed and went downstairs to unplug the TV and stereo. That is when he noticed a strong smell emanating from the family room. It smelled like a high concentration of ozone.

His lotic breeze smelled similar when being cleaned but the device was unplugged and had not been used for several days. Greg grabbed some candles and was getting ready to go back upstairs when he happened to gaze out the back window and spotted an object in the sky.

The witness claims that an oval or disk shaped object was visually observed. He stressed that the object was 'not quite exactly' oval or disc shaped. When he first observed the object he believed it held stationary, but after a few minutes it began to wobble. Greg likened the wobble to a left to right motion but not like a pendulum swinging.

Greg estimated the object was around 1/4 to 3/4 miles distance from his location and at an elevation of 600 to 1,000 feet up. He said the shape could be clearly seen and if it had been closer, could almost be compared to the size of a bus. The bottom half of the object could be seen; being comprised of luminous blue/violet light. On each end of the object were two lights of aqua blue color. These lights were reportly spinning very fast and according to the witness, appeared to strobe or pulsate.

Greg stepped outside to get a better look at the object. Once outside the witness say, "The silence was so complete that it felt like I had walked into a sound proof room. There was not a sound of any kind. Not insects, cars, nothing. Not even a breeze could be felt. It was a very eerie feeling." At this time Greg noticed that lights were on across State Route 747 which he can see in the near distance. The state route runs not too far from his back yard. However, when checking the front of the house he noticed the lights were off on his street.

Going back in, the witness notes that his cats were nowhere in sight. They are usually with him or near by when he is up. I asked the witness if he had watched the object depart? Greg claims that he does not remember how it left. He states that he remembers standing out back gawking at the object in the stale silence.

The witness sounded perplexed as he related how he usually would have stood there as long it took for the object to leave or do something. He says that he honestly just remembers the parts leading uo to the sighting. He says he watched it for 15-20 minutes and then went to bed. He said he did not remember going back to bed. Again, he says he would of stayed or called someone or done something besides dismissing it. He did not understand his actions in regard to this.

Upon awakening the next morning the witness says that a candle contained in glass he had left burning had exploded. He detailed how wax had been projected on the walls after the explosion and theorized that the glass container had been defective. He said he does not know why he did not awaken from the sound of the exploding candle.

Checking his UPS systems backup which records data during the power outage he noticed that the electricity had been off for 5 hours and 11 minutes. Greg states that this is impossible because he remembers waking up with plenty of time to get to work. His printout reads as follows: Outage event at 2:23:43s Eastern time, duration of outage 5 hours 11 minutes 03 seconds. So the power came back on at approx. 7:34 AM.

Greg sent me the full printout from his computer system which he translated for easier reading. This printout is on file.

FURTHER INVESTIGATIONS: In an attempt to obtain more regarding the claim of a UFO sighting on June 2, 2003, near West Chester, Ohio, I placed a telephone call to the Butler County, Ohio Sheriff's Dept., the receptionist offered one item from her log that may or may not be of relevance. At approx. 1:05 AM on June 2nd a house security system had been tripped at a location 3 miles from the claimants home. No explaination was given for the home security system activation. I also contacted the West Chester City Police Dept. The receptionist there stated no UFO sightings had been reported for that time period. I also asked if any power outages had been reported. The receptionist told me that they do not do reports for that. I would need to contact the power company.

CINERGY INQUIRY: Inquiry was made with CINERGY, the facility providing power to a large portion of Cincinnati and Southern Ohio. I contacted the Operations Planning Engineer. He is in charge of the data for power outages in the area. After pulling up the records for the area and the address given he advised me that no power outages had occurred on June 2, 2003 for the West Chester, Ohio area.

I also asked Greg to check with his neighbors to see if they saw anything on the night in question. He called me back saying that no one he talked to had bee up at that time of night.

Assessment of situation: Greg sounded like an intelligent, coherent individual. In the early stages of the investigation Greg had told me that the power was only out in his house. Later he told me it was out on his street. I do not know the reason for the change in his story. With the evidnece accumulated in the case and unless evidence surfaces on the contrary, I feel that the witness did indeed experince a UFO sighting.

INVESTIGATOR: Donnie Blessing Southren Ohio Section Director MUFON Phone: 513-681-4077 E-mail:

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Donnie Blessing, to Bill Jones, State Director of MUFON/Ohio, and to the other investigators involved in this excellent follow-up investigation. PD))