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Occurred : 8/15/1998 22:45 (Entered as : 8/1998 22:30-24)
Reported: 8/29/2003 10:28:40 AM 10:28
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Pontiac, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
Blue Lights and Missing Time

I had just lain down for the night when a light similar in color to the indiglo nightlights flew past my bathroom window (Window is facing south, Object headed west). It circled the back of the house and stopped between my house and my neighbor on the north side. I lost consciousness. After talking to my family it seemed that my mother and brother both seen the same light. They lived together about 3 blocks away at the time. My brother was getting out of his car that night and lost 2 hours of time. He admits to loosing the time but does not believe in Aliens or UFO's. My mother was in bed and noticed the same color light in her bedroom windows (she had black blinds and the light still permeated the room) and she also ignored it. She went to sleep.

I do not need any response from this posting because I am working with somebody on this and many other issues. I felt compelled to share this in hopes that anybody who has seen this in the Pontiac/North Oakland County area will come forward and tell their stories.

((NUFORC Note: Date in August 1998 is approximate. PD))