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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/31/2003 20:35 (Entered as : 083103 2035)
Reported: 9/1/2003 4:54:17 PM 16:54
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Elberon, VA
Shape: Other
Duration:45 seconds approx
An object appearing to be wide with four lights, hovering, two on each end, with the outer lights being slightly larger than the 2nd

I was driving, my friend said, "Look at those lights!" I could just barely see them, as I sat further back in the driver's seat and had to move up close to the window to finally see them. She said it was hovering ~ I said, no way..and laffed. As I began to enter the bend in the road prior to the highway, it was directly over top of us. There were four lights, with the two on the outsides being slightly the largest. I could not see a shape of the object, per say, because the lights were so bright and it was so close. I told her I was stopping the van when I got out of the curve, right at the highway intersection. By this time, it was obvious that the object was in fact hovering, b/c i had to look 'behind me', thru the back van window and also in the driver's side window to see it. It was still up there. I said, "Let's get out". As I unlocked the doors, I was watching it out of the corner of my eye (I had my head turned slightly left looking out the back side window at it. We both jumped out of the van. The very second I turned, it was absolutely and completely GONE. (This thing was SO CLOSE to the ground, that the lights were almost blinding to look into. I would have compared the lights on it to vehicle lights, maybe 4 car lengths ahead coming toward us. It was, however, considerably wider). We literally jumped back into the van, and went into town (it was 8:40 when we arrived at the store, b/c the lady told us she got off at 9PM, in 20 minutes). We got our few groceries, came back, <still saying NO WAY>, and returned home not seeing it (about 7 min from the store.) Maybe because of my work background, I told her let's not discuss what it looked like, lets both go home and draw it. We did. It was the same thing. I still have the drawings. It was UNreal. She and my husband and I went back out about 15-20 min later and reinacted it as closely as possible. I turned on all lights in the van, at the area 'it' was seen inust to prove to myself that it was not reflection! from inside the van. She lit a cigarette, that wasn't the 4 lights. Nothing made those lights appear again. This was a craft of some type. I could just 'sense' it was hovering (well, how else could it be suspended in the sky so close to the ground unless it was in fact a craft, hovering?????) We are still 'anxious', for lack of better word, still not believing that we saw this odd looking thing. Both of us continue to say, "This can NOT be for real!" But it is. It was. We both saw it. **Note** WE heard NO sound at all.