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Occurred : 8/30/2003 21:00 (Entered as : 08/30/03 21:00)
Reported: 9/2/2003 1:24:06 AM 01:24
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 minutes
Reddish object sits still for 10 minutes and then shoots across sky

I was outside of a Walmart store sitting on a bench waiting for a friend who was in the check out line inside the store. As I sat on a bench waiting on him, I was watching what I thought was Mars straight ahead in my view. It was a reddish-orange color and I watched it for approximately 10 minutes when suddenly it just disappeared. I never took my eyes off of it & saw it just blink out. Just then my friend came out & I was telling him about it as we walked toward his car when I looked up and saw what seemed to be (judging by the color) the same object moving across the sky toward the moon. A few notes about this is: When I first saw it before it disappeared, it never blinked or moved at all until it disappeared. It appeared to be round.

The second time I saw it, as it moved across the sky, it would blink off for about a second and a half and appear at a further distance and as it moved, it seemd to move in a sliding motion as it seemed to pause for about 2 seconds and then move some more. It was hard to distinguish the shape due to the blink. I lost sight of it after about six of these "jumps" from one spot to another in a straight line. Also, there were others outside so I'm sure they saw it too