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Occurred : 8/26/1995 02:38 (Entered as : 08/26/95 2:38)
Reported: 9/3/2003 8:13:36 PM 20:13
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Interstate-5, CA
Shape: Cigar
UFO contact on a road trip

I was driving back from San Fransisco on Interstate on a summer night with a friend we were alone in a remote area. We noticed a craft flying low in the sky above the other side of the freeway while we approached closer the object displayed a bunch of colored lights then it landed on the roads opposite side the lights were moving and pointing at us then when my car got to where we were even on the road with it it took off and blasted off int the sky moving like nothing I could explain at a very fast rate of speed it took staight of a disappeared into the fog of the night.

The craft was making vabriation sounds like a reactor of sort . I remember my friend and I were stunned with our mouths open, She asked, "What the Hell was that"-- I said cooly a UFO, what else could it be.

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. This incident occurred approximately 29 hours after the dramatic object, captured on television video, streaked south over Ontario, Canada, over Lake Erie, and down across western Pennsylvania, where the object was seen to stop and hover over an empty field alongside the Pennsylvania Turnpike. PD))