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Occurred : 9/11/2003 03:00 (Entered as : 09/11/03 03:00am)
Reported: 9/12/2003 8:46:00 PM 20:46
Posted: 9/17/2003
Location: Lake Charles, LA
Shape: Sphere
We saw one large craft that changed colors and later on we saw 2 other crafts that were smaller and emitted a red light.

My friend and I were night fishing on Prien Lake at around 1:00am. At 3:00am we moved from one spot to another on the other side of the lake. At about 3:30 my friend asked me to look above us, that he had been watching an object move around for the past 30 minutes and that he thought it was a star at first, but now he was positive that it wasn't. I looked up to see a yellow light that seemed like it was getting closer. Within about 5 minutes we started to see that it was changing colors. I had binoculars in my boat so we looked at the object through the binoculars. The colors it was putting out were red, yellow, green, and a metallic. The object seemed as though it was spinning. It looked round at first, but then seemed as though it might be triangular as it got closer. The whole time we watched the object it was moving in a way that no other craft known to me or my friend had ever moved. It would shoot sideways(to the right) at a great amount of speed with no accelleration, just from stop to as fast as it could move sideways in 1 second. Then it would shoot back the other direction(left) just as fast. It would then shake a little and then shoot upward extremely fast. After it would shoot upward, it would appear as if was floating back down, almost as if you dropped a feather and it swayed from side to side as it fell. After watching this ship for about an hour and a half I started seeing a purple cloud around the craft. I thought I had been starring at the object for to long and then my friend said that he needed to quit looking at the object because he was starting to see a purple ring around the object. That is when I mentioned that I had been seeing a purple ring around the object for the past 15 minutes. We started to realize that the object would only create a purple cloud around it when it would try to shoot upward. After watching the object for about 2 hours we started thinking that it was maybe having a problem leaving the atmosphere. The sky was clear(no clouds! ) and it was a full moon, so the visibility was excellent. About 15 minutes after we discussed the possibility of it having problems, we saw another object come up from the West. This object was smaller than the original object we were looking at and we actually thought it was some type of jet. It was moving very fast toward the original object, but it was about a thousand feet or more lower than the first object. This smaller object was flashing red and when it got below the first object we sighted it went from a fast speed, like that of a jet, to an extremely fast speed, faster than anything we had ever seen. It shot across the sky about 10 miles or so in 1 second and then came to a complete stop. The craziest thing about all of this is everytime either of the objects would move sideways or up and down, their was never any acceleration. It was stop to as fast as it could possibly go and the human eye still see it move, with no acceleration. There was also no sound. The smaller object stayed in one spot for about 5 minutes, then it shot across the sky very quickly again toward the original object. After it got below the original object, it shot up towards it and without stopping, headed South until it disappearred. Then about 5 minutes later, another red flashing object appeared taking the same path as the last one. Only this object would stop and go franticly as it headed to the first object we sighted. This third object moved stranger than the other two, but seemed to be the same as the second object we sighted. It finally got underneath the first object we saw and it shot up toward it and then headed South until it disappeared. Then suddenly both red objects came into view. Both of them were on each side of the first object sighted, but not right by it, probably a couple of miles away on each side. By now it was getting daylight and the two red objects were not visible anymore. However, the first object we had spotted was still in the air. It appearred to be further away now and kind of looked like a star bouncing around. It was now about 8:30am and an airplane was coming in for a landing at the Lake Charles airport, which I thought had to have seen this activity on radar all night, but I later found out that they close all departments of the airport after 10:00pm. This plane was coming in for a landing with its landing gear down and the original object that we had saw after 3:00am was starting to fade off to where we couldn't see it anymore. Then the plane that was about to pass over us and land started to turn and eventually took off in the direction it was coming from, leaving us only to think that the airport had diverted this plane away. At around 9:30am, my friend and I left the lake. We both realize that we will never really know exactly what we saw, but I hope by posting this message, someone else will have some input on the same sighting that we had. It just lasted too long and the sky was too clear for someone else not to have seen at least some of the activity.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. We believe that "twinkling" stars would be the first item to be ruled out, before we could conclude that the parties were witnessing UFO's. PD))