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Occurred : 9/18/2003 13:30 (Entered as : 09/18/2003 13:30)
Reported: 9/18/2003 3:18:06 PM 15:18
Posted: 9/24/2003
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Shape: Cigar
Duration:1 min
A cigar shaped craft seen while on A1A north and then at Lake Worth pier 5-6 miles offshore. at around 3000 ft.

While driving north on A1A towards Palm Beach I noticed a craft that at first resembled a commercial airliner. Upon noticing this, I saw it move slowly westward towards PBIA and assumed it must be a plane. Then all of the sudden it dropped around 500 feet straight down. I reached over to get my digital camera on the seat and kept my eyes on it at all times. Right as I was getting ready to take a picture of it, the craft shot off towards the west at incredible speed.

Then 2 hours later I left PB and headed south to Lake Worth Pier to see how the Isabelle swell was hitting there. Right as I was setting up my camera to tape the surfing, I noticed the same craft in the southeastern sky at around 3000 ft up. The craft seemed to notice me when I noticed it and slowly turned away from me showing the rear or front of the craft. It then slowly faded to a small point and was gone in an instant. You'd think with all the people on the beach someone else would have seen it but nobody saw anything most likely because the surf was keeping their attention. The strangest thing about both encounters was the fact that it seemed to know it had been noticed and sped away both times before I could get my camera ready.

It almost seems as if they were watching the surfers or the swells coming in at our local beaches.

Craft was roughly the size of a commecial airliner in length, and was obviously metallic because of the glint the sun shone off of it. No wings just a smooth cigar shaped object.

Something is going on in our skies as of late, and now that it's come to my neighborhood, I'll be watching the sky a lot more and next time I will get some footage for sure.

((NUFORC Note: We will inquire as to whether the witness called the object to the attention of other bystanders. PD))