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Occurred : 9/13/2003 14:30 (Entered as : 09/13/2003 14:30)
Reported: 9/20/2003 3:37:26 AM 03:37
Posted: 9/24/2003
Location: Tacoma, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 to 30 min
Spet 13 03 saw 2 glowing spheres traveling north to south then becoming staionary for 20 to 30 mins. high above my house.

Sat. Sept 13 2003 in the afternoon, between 2 or 3 pm, I was laying in my hammok in my backyard talking to my mother on the phone as I was starring into the clear blue sky. The sky was clear, no clouds. I was looking to the east and saw an object traveling in a north to south direction at a constant speed, really high up. First I thought it could be a plane but I thought it was really high and the object had no wings that I could see, it was light blue in color and it looked kind of circular I was watching it with my naked eye (realiseing I couldn't see detail), asking my mother how high planes fly at. A few minutes later, traveling in the same north to south direction as I am looking to the east, a second oject, silver in color and lower in elevation, it looked like it was traveling at the same speed as the higher blue object. I told my mother that these two objects just did not look like planes and suddenly the two objects stopped and became stationary in the sky at the elevevations they were traveling at. I ran into my house to get my binoculars, came back out and saw they were still in the same position in the sky. I saw with my binoculars that both objects were spheres with a glow to them. The first light blue sphere had a slightly lighter bluish glow and the silver sphere had a white hot glow with a bit of red in it. The silver sphere seemed to change shape alittle as it looked like it was rotating. The sun was reflecting off the silver object the blue sphere was really high to see any reflections from the sun. A courious situation happened soon after the two objects had become stationary, I noticed a red balloon that had come loose from one of the car lots by my house, it was traveling up to the position of the silver object. It was almost like the object had seen the balloon too. The balloon went close to the silver object and as it passed I saw that it never went higher in the sky, the silver sphere seemed to stop it from going higher. I'm guessing now but silver! sphere seemed to grab it because the baloon was not visible any more. I watched the two spheres for what seemed to be a good 20 to 30 minutes. I noticed the objects seemed to getting smaller but they were still in their stationary positions. Then I lost sight of them, but remember I said courious about the balloon? The red balloon was comming back down towards the ground, then I lost sight of the baloon behind some houses. I kept looking in the sky hopeing to catch sight of the two objects again and to my surprise I saw that the blue shpere (the same one or different) was now in a more northern position in the sky, still about as high as I saw it earlier. I saw it, then it was gone again. I could see these object with my naked eye still. Then as I was laying on my hammok again starring stairght up into the sky, I saw the silver shere again straight over my position flying north to south at a lower elevation then I had seen it earlier. I don't know if it was another sphere or the same one but it was silver with the same red white hot glow. I could see it better the second time even with my naked eye but used my binoculars too. I was watching the silver object for a few minutes then I lost sight of it. I know what I saw was not planes, hellicopters, balloons, swamp gas, or any other man made object. I even entertained ball lightning but these objects acted like they were in flight and also were stationary. My mother is a phone witness that I was seeing the objects because I was talking to her when it all started and I almost had a second eye witness, my neighbor was in his back yard while I was watching the two objects but he couldn't see them, it was about the time they were becomming even too small for me to see. My next door neighbor said he saw a blueish sphere across the street the week before from our houses, he said is was hovering below some power lines and caused them to spark. I looked at the power lines and they are blackened and scortched where the sparking happened. He thin! ks he saw ball lightning. His discription seems kind of like my blue sphere but I think I was looking at more than ball lightning by the way the 2 objects acted, like something or some one was piloting them. I live by McChord AFB and Fort Lewis I see lots of planes every day, I did see a plane flying in the area at the time, it didn't seem to see them. I know these objects are out of this world.