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Occurred : 9/12/1996 11:00 (Entered as : 09/12/1996 11:00)
Reported: 9/22/2003 3:29:34 PM 15:29
Posted: 9/24/2003
Location: Victorville, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:3 hours
Saturn/top shaped round disk with black ring circumscribed in bottom and 3-4 companion blobs

Same weekend Art Bell saw his UFO sighting. I remember that specifically. Victorville is 30 miles SE of Edwards AFB. While laying on the patio with my dog watching the thunderheads blowing to the NNE I noticed a dark grey, sometimes shiny object bobbing in and out of the clouds to the NW. It was stationary relative to my patio eaves so I could see it was not moving with the clouds. It was bobbing.

It was stationary relative to its position over the ground, but lost and gained altitude. Here's the cool thing. Since I am a geological engineer, I know directions, relative velocities, etc., etc. I have vision so good at that time it was better than 20/10. Anyhow, I could see this object would have been flying near and over the SE part of Edwards AFB, which is not inhabited. Here it was in BROAD DAYLIGHT! So I got my binoculars (15 power) and was stunned to see a saturn shaped metal obect making gyroscopic manuevers in place. It was almost at the top of the thunderheads (the top of them being probably about 45,000 feet).

The object turned on its side with the flat side toward me and I could see it was round with the profile being saturned shaped. Like that famous UFO photo that those goes took in South America decades ago. It had a black circumscribed ring in the bottom. Then, I noticed 3, then 4, little wispy "blobs" flying around it and seeming to merge with it and also fade in and out! Since the sky was crystal clear (due to the strong jet stream wind.

This thing just stayed there for about 3 hours spinning (apparently), then turning verically, then sideways, etc. like it had no particular preference for what direction was considered level relative to the ground.

The wispy blobs (slightly rectangular) seemed to have some kind of light energy coming out of them. As the orbs bobbed around the object they would "smear" themselves. Like when you move a candle and looke at it from a distance in a dark room.

An Southwest Airlines (?) airliner flew on its designated flightline (maybe about 35,000 feet AGL) below the object which was about 40,000 feet. I could not believe the airliner pilots did not see this or that this flying saucer and companions did not fly away.

Relative to the jetliner this think would have multiple times the size of the jet. I'd say at least 6 times the length of the jetliner. Keep in mind I saw all this in binoculars very clearly.

Finally, I looked for my instamatic camera and it had two pictures left. This camera did not have a zoom unfortunately.

I took two pictures. Eventually, the clouds thickened and I could no longer see the object and its campaions again. The whole sighting was about 2 hours.

When my wife came home I told her about it and she did not believe me. Well, I developed the pictures and you can see the object in the photos but it is real small. I ran the photos through Photoshop to see if I could pull up some detail and you can see it looks similar to a toy top and you can see the blobs which appear to be more like rectangles.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))