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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/25/1997 13:30 (Entered as : 08/25/1997 13:30)
Reported: 10/5/2003 1:01:46 AM 01:01
Posted: 10/7/2003
Location: Ft. Dix (near), NJ
Shape: Other
Duration:15 minutes
The object appeared to be a large airplane, but it was a dark grayish color unlike any any military planes. My wife and I were driving along the highway, neither of us remember any other traffic on the road. We first noticed that the craft seemed to be be standing still in the sky so we slowed down and finally pulled over to the side of the road. We opened the window and even though the (plane) was not very high i n the sky, it made no sound. Eventually I got out of the car and walked to the side of the road. I remember the gravel under my feet. My wife says she doesn't rememeber me leaving the car, so that remains unclear. Shortly after the incident, my wife and I just returned from a party were entering our home when the phone rang. The person on the other end said he was with a ufo group that met regularly at lakehurst navel base. He asked if I had seen something unusual or reported a ufo. Since My wife and I had told no one of our sighting, and because he got my first name right and my last name wrong and I had never heard of the group he spoke of I quickly rejected his offer. My wife and I discussed again what we had seen. We surmised that we had seen some new military aircraft, larger than a 747 that could remain staionary for almost a half an hour without making a sound. We felt after that phone call it might be best to stick to that story, even to ourselves. But that is only where the story starts. A couple of years later, to quick smoking we both decided to visit a hypotherapist. The sessions worked, but later my wife admitted to remembering something she had never told anyone. She told me that years before our sighting, she had experienced, missing time while driving near her home, in Woodbridge NJ. She said that it was almost like waking from a strange dream, angry and frustrated because she appeared to be lost only a few miles from her home. It was then that I was able to tell her that I remembered a similar occurance. While we were still just dating I was driving home from her house to my house at the Jersey shore, when I felt myself getting drowsy. The next thing I remembered was awaking at my exit, some 30 miles later, only checking my car's clock it seemed to have taken an hour to make a drive that usually took half the time. As we talked, my wife also related something else that raised the hairs on the back of my neck. She said that one night in bed she woke up only to see someone or something seated on the edge of our bed. She said that the figure said nothing only quietly stared at her, while she unsucsessfully attempted to wake me. She than said that she went back to sleep, and until the night she told me had forgotten the incident, chalking it up to a bad dream. For all these years since we have laughed off all those incidents as bad dreams or silly misconceptions, until last week, @sept 25th 2003. My daughter who is married and a mother, living with her family in Georgia, (we currently live in Arizona) was talking to me on the phone when she mentioned a strange incident. She told me that she had awakened a few nights before to see a troll like figure on the edge of her bed. When I hung up I told my wife she shouldn't have told our daughter about the troll, as we'd called him for years. When she swore she hadn't and I saw the look of concern on her face, I knew she was telling the truth. We decided then not to tell our daughter anything, but to tell our story and see if some one else has experienced something similar. Nothing has happened to us persoonally recently but the incident with our daughter has left us perplexed. Are there any other intergenerational events like ours. By the way our daughter has never to our knowledge seen a ufo, though when she was in the second grade she won an essay contest by writing a story describing being taken up in a space ship. Her teacher was so enamored by the reality of the story she asked us if she could keep it and thinking nothing of it we let her. Now we are sorry we didn't keep that story, because it might have been a true accounting of an encounter.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))