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Occurred : 9/11/2003 20:00 (Entered as : 09/11/103 8:00 PM)
Reported: 10/17/2003 8:59:02 PM 20:59
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Orwigsburg, PA
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 minutes
Two bright colored lights came from the east and stood over Orwigsburg at 8:00. I was up at my computer when my Mom yelled up to get down and see thes lights from the front window. I cam out to see 2 bright red (welding torch) type lights coming almost overhead from the east in a horizontal configuration and then when it stood over Orwigsburg for 15 minutes it changed to a vertical configuration. They were about 1 mile from me. I banged on the neighbors house and told her to get out and see the UFO's positioned over her house. Other neighbors (about 7 people came out) and watched in amazement as these 2 objects hovered in the sky. The sky was clear with a beautiful blue lit horizon in the backround. I went and got my Digital Hi-8 camcorder and put it on a tripod and got about 4 minutes of it hovering over the town. The bottom disk would "blink out" and then reappear. I used the 450X zoom to get right on top of it and that really shows something amazing. I am a trained observer as an amateur astronomer and an independent video producer. This object didn't make a sound (no wind was blowing and you could hear a pin drop on the sound recording)! No navigational blinking lights typical of our own aerodynamic designs. I converted the tape footage to DVD and did single frame/slow motion viewing and I can tell you that this is nothing we made. There is an electrostatic discharge around the craft often see on UFO's in reference to the propulsion system reacting with the earths atmosphere causing a corona discharge or the craft to glow--this is typical of what the military refers to "recified beam-field propulsion". It's all on the video to see. What really disturbs me is the fact that I called the local TV station (WNEP) and Bob Reynolds called me back twice and said he was interested and said he would send someone down to pick up the HI-8 video tape and take it back to the studio on the 11th. They never called back. I called the 2 local newspapers (Pottsville Republican) and the lady I talked to laughed hysterically at me. The people at the Call newspaper also didn't care much either. These people better wake up and take seriously what is going on her!! These craft are not from around here and I'm quite certain they are not from our solar system. Where are they from. I'll give you 5 good guesses to start: Epsilon Eridinus, Tau Ceti, Zeta 1&2 Reticulem,and Proxima Centauri to start.

I'm quite certain they are alien spacecraft and that their technology is easily a thousand years in advance of our own here. PS: I sent this 3rd version cause of the spelling mistakes I made and the date I had typed wrong. (9/11/2003) ((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Witnes provides no contact information, so we are unable to contact him to request a copy of the video, or stills taken from it. PD))