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Occurred : 7/21/1974 22:30 (Entered as : 07/21/1974 22:30)
Reported: 10/18/2003 3:49:08 AM 03:49
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Apple Valley/Burnsville, MN
Shape: Disk
My background is with the Department of Defense Special Technical Operations. I do not wish to mention which company or location for obvious reasons but all information can be verified by numerous witnesses that my statements are true and accurate.

At approximately 10:30pm in the summer of 1973 myself and two other friends had just parked my car in a large field to have a few beers and talk and just basically enjoy the pleasant summer evening. There was a full moon that night and it seemed to be bigger and brighter than I had ever seen. The moon was so bright that even though we were parked in the middle of a large field where there were no lights anywhere for perhaps a mile or more, we could see well enough to read by.

While passing out our first beers to my buddies I happened to notice an object in the night sky which I estimated to be at an altitude of between 2500 and 3500 ft. I thought that I had seen the object move in a triangular pattern at such a speed that I was not sure if I had actually been correct in my initial observation.

Without mentioning what I thought I had seen to the other two people who were present with me, I continued to keep my eyes on the object. After about fifteen or twenty seconds it did it again. After seeing this happen a second time, I pointed the object out to the others and asked them to keep their eyes on it. They both laughed and started joking about how it was probably a flying saucer.

Because none of us had ever before seen anything of the sort and didn't actually believe the stories of such reports, I suggested that it might be a new military heliocopter or something of the sort because it did not appear to have a comparable lighting arrangement to anything that I had seen before. As the three of us kept our collective eyes on the object the craft made similar movements to the first that I had witnessed by myself.

After seeing the speed at which this craft moved and the sharp angles at which it changed direction in mid flight, the two others who were with me became very excited and immediately decided that it was indeed a UFO.

After the three of us had witnessed seeing the same such movements of the object, I decided to move my car so that my headlights would be pointing directly at it. I did not turn the headlights on until I was sure that they were pointing directly at the object after which, I began to flash them on and off and from high to low beam in a fashion similar to the old light signaling technics used by the navy. After flashing my lights in this fashion for about fifteen seconds or so, I turned them off and waited to see what would happen. At first I did not think that anything would come of it but, after about twenty or so seconds, we all noticed that the object had stopped flashing in the mannor that it had been and that instead it now appeared as a white light which remained on and didnot flash at all. As we continued to watch this object we noticed that it now appeared to be getting bigger and within a few more seconds it became obvious that it was heading in our direction at a fair rate of speed. The object had dropped in altitude and was now comming in just over tree top level. As the object moved closer to us it turned off it's lights or light and as it came within the last quarter mile or so it passed directly in front of the full moon which showed a very precise silouette of what was indeed a saucer shaped craft. The moonlight was being refracted off of the craft and it was now very clear that the craft was polished silver in color. As we continued to observe this craft during the last one hundred yards or so of it's approach, one of my friends became so terrified by the sight that he wet his pants and began to panic. This person is a large man and usually afraid of nothing. The friend of mine who became terrified was attempting to hide himself behind the back seat of my car and screaming that we were all going to die and that they were going to take us and disect us. As I stood there and watched this craft, it came directly over our heads at approximately 100 to 120 feet at which time it stopped moving and just hovered in mid air. There was no sound emitted from the craft at all and there was no wind being generated such as would be from a turbine or rotor blades. The craft was so close and the light from the moon was so bright that I could make out certain details of the saucer which struck me as interesting such as, rivots along where the apparent metal panels or sections of the craft were fitted together. I could also see that the lights which were around the entire outer edge of the craft rectangular shaped and were raised somewhat from the rest of the saucers surface area perhaps as much as two inches. The lights or light covers appeared to be somewhat opaque or semi-transparent and appeared to be fairly thick. The closest thing that I have seen to describe this craft would be the saucer that was shown on the beginning of the old TV serial called THE INVADERS which was aired back around 1969 or 1970. The saucer continued to hover directly over head for approximately 30 seconds and then shot off towards the west so fast that all I could see was a red trail leading to where it now hovered somewhere near HWY 5 which is also in burnsville, MN. As we continued to watch the saucer dropped down below the tree line for about another 30 seconds and then lifted up to it's original altitude of about 100 to 120 feet. It then hovered for about 15 seconds in a stationary position after which it shined what appeared to be a red lazer beam aimed at an approximate 45 degree angle into space for about 2 to 3 seconds before taking off at the same extreme rate of speed previously witnessed. As it exited our atmosphere,it followed the same precise angle and direction as the red lazer that it had projected into space. About five minutes after the exit of this craft from our atmosphere, the other two friends who were with me said they saw what they described as a giant meteor or comet shooting directly in front of the moon. I did not see this other object but did make a note of the time. When I looked at my watch it was now 11:55pm. I cannot explain the missing time. Since this experience I have discovered many new technologies and have had many experiences which have opened my eyes to what actually happened that night. I cannot get into the details at this point and it would take volumes to tell it all. Also, the truth is now out there and it will soon be widely known to the rest of the world no matter what happens to me. I have given the description of this particular event simply because it is past time to bring this subject into the light of truth. Also, there is now to much that is becomming common knowledge for my past to continue to be a threat to the extent that it has for the last thirty years.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))