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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/11/2003 00:00 (Entered as : 10/11/1903 0:00)
Reported: 10/18/2003 6:23:09 AM 06:23
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: San Diego, CA
Duration:2 days?
Lost two days awaken to power out tv fried and blood from ear.Disoriented

This is not a "sighting" report as a matter of fact, I am not sure if this is a report for your site but after checking all other possible reasons for the event I thought if you have had anything remotely like this it could give me an answer.

I live in a mobile home I often fall asleep on the couch with the TV on and the evaporative cooler otherwise known as a swamp cooler is always on that night the airconditioner in the living room where I was on the couch was also on. The ceiling fan above me was not on. I have five small dogs two were out (out meaning having run of the house) the others were in their sleeping crates. Well the story just about ends here because I saw nothing. Here is what did happen I awoke sometime in the midmorning with all the dogs sleeping as close to my head neck area as they could muster, I was VERY groggy but was stunned to see the ceiling fan going faster than it is designed to go. I mean it was spinning wildly almost as if it would spin right off the ceiling. Still groggy and having to go to the bathroom I stood and went to the hall at which point I notice the swamp cooler was not on (I keep it on 24 hours a day) I went to switch on the hall light and got no response I looked at the swamp cooler switch and it was on. Almost forgot to mention TV was off though on when I fell asleep also I live alone.Returning from the bathroom I picked up to cordless phone and it didn't work went to the other phone and same thing. The cable box above the TV no longer showed the time which is constant and contolled by the cable company. I felt, not sick, but like my ying and yang were off. Just out of sorts. I called my mom and arranged to go have lunch.I went out to the fuse box to flip the switch thinking something broke the circut. But there were no switches down. Flipped them all anyway. Once inside nothing came back on. Except the ceiling fan. Went to meet my mom and before I got out of the car looked in the mirror and noticed brown dried stuff from my ear down the side of my face. It was obviously dried blood. I asked my mom after cleaning area to look inside my ear she said I must have cut myself because there was a mark inside the ear. Well I don't pick or scratch at my ear and the amount of blood that had poured out was mu! ch much more than a fingernail scratch could produce. When I saw my mom she said she had been concerned because she had tried calling and the machine didn't pick up and after two days she grew worried.....TWO DAYS?? "What do you mean two days Mom I just saw you yesterday! "No that was two days ago this being the third day" I am dumbfounded I slept for two full days and two full nights. Impossible!!! I would at least awaken to go to the bathroom but didn't. When I got home I called an electrical contractor friend who came out and said there was nothing wrong with the fuses and that power was still coming to the house. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. This is an electrical contractor! I felt to crummy to deal with this. So I left the house and went to a friends house and then to feed my horse. When I got home the swamp cooler was on and working as was the hall light. The tv and cable box were not on I found a few outlets that had power and plugged the tv and cable box in and much to my surprise found that they were "fried" as was both phones answering machine and get this the surge protector!! Fried! None of my neighbors had their power out and SDG&E said there was no spike in my area. That is all I am quite curious as to what caused this and if my ear and sleeping for a stunning two full days and nights are at all related. It is noteworthy to mention I do not take drugs and do not drink. Any insight? I am perplexed.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))