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Occurred : 10/10/2003 20:25 (Entered as : 10/10/2003 20:25)
Reported: 10/19/2003 5:52:30 AM 05:52
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Temperance, MI
Shape: Oval
Duration:over 5 hours
pulsating green white and red object in the northwest sky at 45 degrees

I went jogging like i do so many nights. Immediatly i noticed straight ahead a "star" that was emitting colors. So i decided to watch it to see if it was a plane or whatever. It never moved but i could clearly see green white and red rotating or pulsating. A man walking his dog came up and asked what i was looking at so i pointed. He immediatly said "strange". I asked what he was seeing and he said the same thing-christmas colors. We watched for 10 min. or so and decided it wasnt moving but wasnt a star or plane also. I ran back and got my 8x hunting binn to get a better look. Wow!!! You could look at mars,stars but when you looked at this it just sparkled colors. My neighbor came out to smoke a cigg and saw me outside. He looked too and couldnt believe it when i told him it hasnt moved in a half hour. Next his wife was looking both saying they saw green white and red too. He went back and got his binn. 10x -still couldnt make out a shape-oval to egg shaped maybe. By now there were more people outside looking because of warm weather they heard voices outside and wanted to see what was going on. A hunter went in and got another pair of binn. to get a better look. Everyone agreed on what colors we were seeing. People watched for 45 min or so and went inside. I stayed outside and wouldnt take my eyes off it. Soon another pulsating object exactly the same came to it and got about a dimes width apart with your hand extended out. It soon kind of floated down below the original one and they now started moving slowly to the northeast together. The 2nd one kind of faded back to where it came from and the original now started moving. It now was holding in the northeast sky but higher up and acting funny. The neighbor across from me came back out and said it was gone but i showed her how far it had moved across the sky. We both watched for about 45min.-colors still evident but higher up and now its kind of "dancing". It would buzz up and down /right left. I called up my son that i wanted him to see this. When i got to his house we positioned ourselves so the light was in the phone lines for reference. It moved upward slowly but zig zaggy.I left at midnight(work) and my boy continued watching till 1:50 am. He said at the highest point he swears he saw another light come out of it thru his binn but couldnt be sure. He said dad the light just vanished!! Since this incident I have found out the "hunters" dad got out his telescope on his back deck and watched for over 45 min.-said in years of having telescope never looked at anything like this. I took 3 pictures but dont expect anything with a 35mm camera pointing at the sky and the flash blub going off. I have also re-interviewd about 3/4 of the witnesses since this happened.