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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/1/2000 23:00 (Entered as : 02/01/2000 23:00)
Reported: 10/19/2003 7:05:01 PM 19:05
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Babbitt, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:8-10 minutes
Opaque white beams of light that repeatedly hit a lamp, turning it on and off...

I dont recall the exact date of this, all i know is it was in the winter of 99-00, probably between January and February 00. Its taken me awhile to come forward cuz it was a very scary experience, and many people would question my sanity. It was shortly after 11:00 pm, and i was reading up in my living room by myself. We lived on shore property of a lake at the time, and our living room was an upper story room directly overlooking our lake. My recliner was right next to our huge picture windows, and it was a great view...anyways, i simply saw a beam of light shoot into my house. It didnt just "appear", it seemed to grow from a point i could not tell over the lake, and expand into the room. It was about the diameter of a softball, and very opaque white in color. The most incredible thing though, is that when it reached its furthest point, it actually hit the lamp kiddy-corner from me in the room! Immediately the light turned OFF and the "lazer beam" just withdrew. I was so completely stunned that i just sat and stared-i mean this beam had passed no more than 2 feet directly in front of me and turned off one of my lights! So i tried not to freak out, and decided to stay where i was and watch. No more than a minute later the same beam shot back in, hit the lamp, and turned it on! At this point, i was beyond scared. So i got up and ran into my bathroom, crouching low to my floor so i wouldnt get hit. The bathroom was directly to the right of the lamp that was being hit, so i partially closed the door to "protect" myself and still watch. For the next 5-6 minutes the beam continued to shoot in, turn on or off the light, then recede. After those 5 or so minutes, it didnt happen again, the light just remained off. So from there i booked it downstairs to my mother's room. She was trying to sleep of course so when i frantically woke her and raved about "lazer beams", naturally she was a lil' peeved! But my mom sat up with me to look out her window (same lake view as upstairs) ! for a couple minutes. We actually saw different beams of white light shooting horizontally in various directions. By the time 10-ish minutes were done, the lights were done. I (carefully) went upstairs to make sense of it all attempt sleep. I must add to this that When i went back up there, i heard a very low-decibal sounding hum, that kind of vibrated inside my ears, and it seemed to be all around and above our house. I figured i was only hearing the refridgerator, but i know how that sounds-quieter and higher piched than this new sound-plus i heard it shut off short after. The low humming continued a few more minutes, but i was so spooked i went to bed! I should also add that there were other instances when we lived on the lake that we had seen diagonal light beams, discs, and strange sattelite-type lights. I was 15 at the time, just a home-school student getting ready to go to college early, and always an honest, intelligent person. I was most definately not on any hallucinogenic drugs either! My mother can vouche for what i saw, and i'm happy to share it w/ u. But i do have a ?: has anyone else seen these? I really havent heard anything quite like what i saw, inspite of the fact that i listen to Art Bell and Whitley Strieber religiously! O- almost forgot to add that the next morning when i examined the window the glass was fine, the screen looked sorta burnt, and there was a perfect circle melted out of the weather plastic! WHY?