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Occurred : 10/19/2003 02:45 (Entered as : 10/19/2003 2:45)
Reported: 10/19/2003 9:18:13 PM 21:18
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Modesto, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 hours
UFO 's video taped over Modesto, California on Oct. 19th 2003 , showing bright starlike objects

I reported these same ufo's yesterday and they were back today. I was working building a sunroom onto our house and as I looked up to see if the upper frame was level I saw a ufo coming from the north. It was bright, starlike, and it made a loop around the house and hovered above me for about five minutes. I went into the house and got binoculars and looked at it. In the binoculars it seemed to change shape, from a sphere to a elongated figure. My daughter came out of the house and I showed her the ufo. She was surprised to see a bright star in the middle of the day. I gave her the binoculars and she also commented that it was changing shapes. This ufo gradually grew dim and we went into the house to eat lunch. After lunch, I decided to get the video camera out with me in case the ufo returned. I went back to work and as I was coming out of the garage with some wood I had cut, I saw three ufo's coming from the north. I quickly grabbed the video camera and recorded the ufo's as they traveled above the house. These ufo's were bright and closer , and are the ones in the video. They were also spherical in shape, and traveled in unison. I also got another shot of a ufo moving above the tree, but this is shorter. Most of the video I took that day did not turn out. I am hoping that these tapes will be examined by experts to determine more about this .