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Occurred : 10/18/2003 21:00 (Entered as : 10/18/2003 21:00)
Reported: 10/20/2003 11:58:30 PM 23:58
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Columbus, IN
Shape: Light
Duration:4-5 minutes
Steady, non-flashing, rotating red light moves off to west.

Iam a 52 year old college graduate and part time UFO researcher. Last night while driving home from work, I noticed a red (about the color of a stop light only a little darker) spherical, steady light about 40° above the horizon to my left. At first I though it was a tower light but then realzed it was too high. It appeared to be stationary but I wasn't certain because I was moving at about 50 mph.

Anyway, As I kept glancing at it, I noticed that an elongated, vertical, dark spot kept moving from right to left across the object/light which seemed to indicate that it was rotating. I looked for a road to turn off on but it took a few minutes and by the time I saw the light again, it had moved westward and was closer to the western horizon. Soon thereafter it moved out of sight.

NOTES: I am an experienced observer of the night sky and of various types of aircraft and their light displays. This object, whatever it was, had a shade of red that I have never seen on an aircraft. Plus it appeared to be rotating and I saw no white or green flashing anti-collision lights.

The sky was clear and the object was about three times as large as Mars appears to be. Mars, by the way was in a different part of the sky.

I was driving on S.R. #7 in Indiana at the time and the object was just east of Columbus, Indiana in the northern sky. This was DEFINITELY not a twinkling star or a flare.I"ve seen both of those many times.