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Occurred : 10/18/2003 02:00 (Entered as : 10/18/2003 2:00)
Reported: 10/21/2003 2:41:55 PM 14:41
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Route 80 W (between ex 25 and 24), PA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 mins about
((NUFORC Note: We are uncertain as to whether this is intended by the alleged witness to be a serious report. The person who submitted the report indicates an address in New York City, but the report was submitted from an e-address in the UK. We feel that these facts, combined with the nature of the report, raise some questions as to whether it is authentic, or not. We will attempt to contact the source and ask. The report seems a bit "theatrical" to us, but that may be a false impression. PD))

3 craft on interstate 80 west took control of my auto

Oh gee, where to start?... Um... I was on my way to see my sister-in-law in Cleveland OH. It is about a six to seven hour drive (depending on how you drive) from New York City. I have made this trip several times alone; in fact, I should have been a trucker with all the miles I place on my vehicles a year. I had taken a half-day from work so I could sleep and be well rested for the long drive. I packed a few bottled waters, some Ritz crackers, and a handful of grapes. I do not drink coffee, I do not smoke, and I do not use those ‘no doze’ pills. If I am tired, there is always a rest area or the side of the road. Therefore, I guess I can say I was ready to travel, wide-awake, and not under any influences.

The roads were empty, the main reason I travel at night, and the weather was slightly cloudy. The last sign I recall seeing was the Chesapeake Watershed indicator- lets you know this area sends its water to VA. I had very little company trucking wise on 80, they were all moving way to fast for me. (Should anyone recall my little auto, I pulled into the passing lane to let you all fly by. Something about lane changes at those speeds in large vehicles frightens me.) It was uneventful driving.

I would say halfway through PA, the sky cleared. There were no headlights in my mirrors and no tail lights as far as I could see. The stars came out. I have a telescope and star gaze often. I pulled over on the shoulder between mile markers. (I am going back shortly and will get the exact mile.) I was on 80 west. Using 80 as true west and seated in my auto, the Orion constellation was to the south-southeast declination + 40 to 45 degrees and the moon was left of Orion and almost directly behind me, almost due east. It was half full, waning, and declination of +30 to35 degrees on horizon almost lining up with the tip of Orion’s extended right arm. To see Orion I had to turn and look out both driver front and back windows. The moon was in the farther most corner of the back driver’s side passenger window. It was so far back in the window that I got out to look up at the sky. It was clear as glass. There were no streetlights or houses or the glare form a town to interfere. I saw some stars I haven’t seen in a while living in the city. I sat on the boot of my auto for maybe 8 minutes just looking up. I can say 8 minutes because the song ‘Blue’ was playing and it is just about 8 minutes long. Ah, size! The moon was about the size of a racquetball at arm’s distance, it was very bright. The ground was cast in the silvery blue of moonlight. Bright enough that when I got back in my auto I drove several miles before I realized my headlights were not on. Orion seemed to occupy the space of a standard mouse pad at arm’s length.

Well, a Wal-Mart truck screamed by and I heard some roadside gravel hit my auto prompting me to get back in and go. I gave one last look at the sky and remarked aloud to myself how the three sisters in Orion’s belt seemed brighter than normal. I shook it off as I could see all the stars for a change and maybe that was it. Again, it was such a bright moon; I drove without lights for a few miles before a passing FedEx honked me into turning them back on with quickness. I think I drove for about 30 minutes, there was some light traffic from the trucks, and they passed me and I blinked them back over. I passed a rest area and had 80 to myself again: no lights in the mirrors or taillights before me.

As you can imagine, 80West turns here and there. Orion moved in my windows almost to the front. I just needed to glance out my window without turning to see him. This is where it becomes weird. I shall endeavor to do my best.

The three sisters in Orion’s belt seemed to grow as I drove. No, I was not tired. I have not had the pleasure of highway hypnosis. I was munching my crackers and trying to sing. A line of 8 trucks, Wal-Mart, G.O.D, J.B. Hunt, and several municipal waste carriers flew by frightening the life out of me that I pulled off the road on the center shoulder. It was not enough that I expeditiously moved into the passing lane to get out of the way of these maniacs. No, they were barreling down in both lanes, blinking, and honking as they passed each other, almost drag racing and advancing on my little blue ’90 Toyota Camry sedan with bright lights blaring. There was not choice but off the road completely. I sat there until I was certain they were miles ahead of me. If I were sleepy, under highway hypnosis, or just lost in my head, I was fully awake and alert now. I eased back on 80W letting a few fellow travelers pass me. A pickup from IL that had Truck on it’s tag, a green Lexus, a tow-truck towing a racing team trailer, All Car Racing Team-white, silver, and maroon formula racing car logo on the back ramp. Then I was alone again.

I looked up to Orion out my window and for a moment saw six sisters. Then suddenly they were three. I thought my eyes failed to focus, but the three sisters were huge then back to normal size. I drove on with a mounting feeling that something was just not right. I kept watching the belt of Orion. They were getting bigger and brighter and to my horror closer. Panic started to grip me as I turned another bend. That is when I realized what might be happening. God, I’m seeing a UFO. There were three spheres of bluish white light just of center of Orion’s belt. If not for the bend in the road, they would have aligned just perfect. They were just about the size of a dime at arm’s length.

Nah, I am just tired. I poured one bottle of cold water on my head, just to be certain. I looked out and they were still there. I looked with earnest; maybe this was night balloon flight. I have been on one and it is eerie. Hot air balloons with lights shining up from the gondola into the balloon giving it an otherworldly glow. I saw no burners and the shapes were perfectly round. I stepped a lot harder on the gas. Every abduction scenario I have ever heard raced through my head.

Not me! I grabbed my mobile: no signal. I topped 95 MPH and my car began to shake. All I wanted to do was get to other people, another traveler, truck even- just not alone. I had to bring it back down to 80MPH to stop the shaking. My eyes kept a watch on the three lights. They seemed to be following me. I glanced at the radio 2 am. I looked back out the window and they were gone. I craned my neck to see out every piece of glass and saw nothing.

WHEW! This was a relief. They were gone. I eased of the gas and coasted to about 50MPH. I opened the last bottle of water and poured it on my head. I was sitting in a puddle, but it was preferable to ((deleted)) probing. I eased my poor auto around the next corner and freaked. All three balls of light were headed straight at me. Yes, sure I though it was a vehicle in the wrong lane headed straight at me but this highway is split in half by some serious hills and valleys. You would have to be suicidal to drive the wrong way. However, they were at the tops of the trees ruling out a truck or car. I feared for my life.

My steering wheel suddenly started twisting left and right, swerving me all over the road. I gripped it so tightly trying to keep control, I put a blood blister on my right thumb. The more I fought the harder it became to control. It seemed to me that the lights were controlling my auto. In that clarity that comes in absolute terror, I let my steering wheel go. They obviously were more powerful than I was and if they had control of my auto, how was I going to get it back? I resigned myself to ((deleted)) probing and let go of the wheel. The moment I let go, my car straightened out and the lights surrounded me. There was one on the front bumper and one on each side. They guided my auto on 80 for a few minutes, send beams into my auto, attempted communication, and then they shot up into the stars and were gone. When I looked back at the clock it was saying about 2:15 am. It seemed much longer.

I got a very good look at their details. They were perfectly spherical. They all seemed to be identical. The one on my door is the one I studied. It was about 2 meters in diameter, made of a metal, and every millimeter was seamed in an intricate lattice. It looked as if the latticework were the actual joins that made the sphere. There was no external openings for the light or any propulsion jets. It seemed to be bending light around it. I felt vibrations like an electric shaver pulsing through me. I saw what looked like the ripples from the hot pavement in the heat of summer pulsing just between it and my car door. Perhaps it is some sort of energy field that pulled it through the air and now was holding my auto. Between each sphere and my auto was this ripple, maybe some magnetic field that allowed them to control my auto. There was no sound, not even my auto. The engine had stopped. The timbre of the tires sounded as if I were driving through snow. The power to my dashboard dimmed, all the lights just barely faded out.

The spheres changed color. I could not detect the source of the lighting. They went from the white blue of twinkling stars to a dim silvery blue almost the shade of the moon light on the ground then back to the white blue. The sphere in front changed to a pale washed out sea foam green. Then as it an aperture had opened a beam of that same pale green light shot out through my engine to me covering my pelvis. It felt as if someone had struck me with a bat. Not so much pain as being forced back into my seat. The sphere on the passenger side shot a beam through the door at the same level in the same green. It was very short and painless. When the beam stopped the sphere changed to the sea foam green. I turned and looked out my window to see the last sphere change to a deep sapphire blue.

I felt a slight bump, like a high speed bump. That is when I knew what the ripples were. My auto was somehow in the air from the moment I let go of the wheel. It was some kind of force/magnetic beam. As soon as I touched down, the two green spheres changed to a pulsing red and shot up into the sky. The blue sphere was still at my side.

It opened my window. (I sure as heck was not going to open it.) I could see the entire sphere. The intricate lattice seemed to glow in a deep purple. Below it on the pavement, the air seemed to be buzzing, not rippling like before. The sphere was about eye level with me as if trying to stare me down.

A bright light blinded me hitting me square in the face. I could feel its warmth on my skin, feel the same electric razor vibration, and I could not see. I was paralyzed with fear. I could not move, scream, speak, think-anything! Suddenly there was this mechanical voice. It sounded as if it came from inside my head. It felt as if it were all around me. It said, ‘sorry for your loss. It is our loss as well.’ It was like a machine trying to imitate a sound it never heard before. It was monstrous and harsh, but is had sincerity in it as well.

I could move. The light was gone. I reached out to touch the sphere, but before I could raise my hand, it turned red and shot into the sky. I stuck my head out the window (I know fatal mistake). It joined the other two and they blinked out of sight in less than a second. When I say joined I mean as a group not into one unit.

My auto started. The lights on my dash came back up. It said 2:15am. I was going about 5 MPH. A truck horn made me stand on the gas and get out of its way.

The next exit was I believe Loch Haven. I got out and changed into something dry at the rest area. Several trucks were parked, sleeping. All my music is somewhat eerie and spooky. I choose the radio. I landed on Coast to Coast and there you have it.