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Occurred : 6/14/1999 19:00 (Entered as : 06/14/1999 19:00)
Reported: 10/22/2003 2:42:44 PM 14:42
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Kennewick, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
two sightings/ #1 orange earthlights follow each other & #2 massive silver ball moves at high altitude across sky

I have had two really strange events happen to me. I remember the events VIVIDELY and thou time has passed I feel I need to informe you. I love the Art Bell shows when you are a guest.

I first wrote this to an "expert" on EARTHLIGHTS and included the "moon size" ball story also. I feel that it is well described and hope that you don't feel slighted because I am sending it on to your organization. FEEL FREE TO PASS IT ON TO ANY OTHER experts. The BIG SILVER BALL insident was at approximately 7 to 8 pm on June 14, 1998 or 1999 ( I remember that it was about 2 days after my birthday- but I can't remember the exact year ). I wish this could help maybe you received another report of this nature about June 14 or 15. Maybe you could forward this to Art Bell and Coast to Coast as well. Thank You and keep looking up ( I THINK IF MORE PEOPLE KEPT THEIR EYES TO THE SKIES< UFO SIGHTINGS WOULD BE EVEN MORE COMMON ).

>Subject: earthlight sighting and seperate massive silver ball sighting (high altitude) >sighting #1 - Two beautiful silent orange lights >Hi, I live in Kennewick, Wa ( where the Columbia and Snake River Join >together). This is also 30 miles from the Hanford Atomic Energy site that >produced the Plutonium used in Japan. The coolant water from the reactors >passes directly below my home, one mile away (I mention the reactors only because I wonder if they are sometimes associated with sightings). As I was just getting >home close to eleven pm on a dark evening, I stood by my parked car looking to >the North in the direction of the Columbia River(one mile away). Silently rising at >approx. 30-40 mph and at an angle of 30 degree's (approx) headed up river >East ( at right angles to me ) was a beautiful spot of ORANGE light. It was >a silent night and I COULD HEAR NOTHING - I was of course absolutely >intrigued. I continued to watch the light head east until it reached say a >height of 4 or 5 telephone posts. ( It's size ping-pong ball-softball or >slightly bigger ). I first saw it rise from directly in front of me to >that height approximately 1/8 mile to my right or less. At that point the >light made a seemed like,sharp, 90 degree turn to the right and continued in a >straight line in a Southern direction. AT THIS TIME I WAS REALLY AMAZED AND THRILLED TO SEE ANOTHER silent ORANGE BALL OF LIGHT FOLLOW THE SAME IDENTICAL PATH AS IT'S PREDICESSOR.

I NEVER MOVED AND I WOULD SAY THAT THE PATH WAS IDENTICAL >WITH THE 90 DEGREE TURN INCLUDED. AFTER THE SECOND LIGHT HAD MADE IT'S >TURN IT FOLLOWED THE LEADING LIGHT BY 200-300 YARDS. I continued to watch >the lights go to my right ( as if following highway 395 to Umatilla,Oregon) the event took at least 5 minutes and the second light blinked out but >the front light grew fainter as it continued South. IN AFTERTHOUGHT I FELT >SO BAD THAT I HADN'T ATTEMPTED TO FOLLOW IT . PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU >FEEL THIS IS AN EARTHLIGHT SIGHTING OR UFO SIGHTING. THIS EVENT WAS FROM >TWO YEARS AGO AND I REMEMBER IT LIKE YESTERDAY.

sighting #2 From my yard I also saw, while watering my roses in the afternoon light, a perfectly round silver BALL it looked like a basketball up in the air high enough to be just the size of the moon in the sky. I thought this thing may be close to me but as it moved to the east it passed in BACK of the WAVY little Cirrus Clouds that are close to 30,000 feet in altitude ( yes, I am bright enough that I thought of testing its hight with CLOUDS). Again no sound. I DID NOT THINK IT WAS A WEATHER BALLOON/ EVEN IF ONE COULD SURVIVE BEING INFLATED TO THAT PERFECT ROUNDNESS. TO HAVE APPEARED >THAT LARGE AT 35,000 feet it would have had to be huge. Bigger than a Boeing 747 because when watched from the ground a boeing 747 does not appear to be the size of the moon until it is much lower, say 5000 feet or less. To approach that much pressure the high altitude weather balloons would be much closer to 25 miles above the earth anyway and would not even be visible). Again I could have followed the object but did not. Thank you.

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