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Occurred : 10/24/2003 21:00 (Entered as : 10/24/2003 21:00)
Reported: 10/25/2003 3:18:09 AM 03:18
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Huntington, WV
Shape: Triangle
i seen two ufos,one last sep,2002 near crum wv,one oct 24,2003 on 64 going to huntington wv,they both was triangle shped

tonight my husband,our son,and myself was driving to huntington wv,from crum wv.

ok we had just gotton on 64,and we saw a huge triangle shaped object , with red lights and white lights flashing,it was just at the tree tops,only it was hovering,not moving at all,my son and me both are like , look at that! ,my husband said ,oh thats a plane,we was close to the airport, but this wasnt a plane ,the shape,the way it just stayed in one place, of course my husband was driving,and could not not keep his eye on it, to get a real good look at it because if he had he would have realized it wasn't a plane ,if he had not ben with us i would have stopped the car to watch it, i also seen a ufo last year,in september,my other son was with me,and his friend,it was in a rural place, 3 miles from crum wv ,at trip side, it was near midnight,there was no lights around ,no houses,in the area where we saw this ufo,it was triangle shaped,it had blue lights ,and it had a glowing hue around it,and a humming sound,like when you are around a power house,this thing was hovering right on top of the trees,we all said what in the world is that? i pulled over and got out of the car the boys was yelling get back in here, there was the rail road tracks and the tug fork river,and it was on my side of the river,the river borders on kentucky,i was close to this thing,about 200 foot i could see it good,it was like watching a movie,i could not belive my eyes i was scared but more dazed and almost entraced as i walked closer to it,then it zipped away i dont know how long i watched it but it seemed like a long time ,an then like a second , its so strange it was like time meant nothing ,i know that sounds stranger but i could have ben watching it for a hour i dont know,its like a dream you lay down and dream and get up the next day and you dont know how long you dreamed you just know you did and was it real or not ,but this was no dream,but a dream like state where time dosent mean nothing time dosent matter,any way i went back to the car the boys was near tears,you are crazy,they told me, i sit there unable to belive what i had just seen, i felt like i hit the lotterty, i was in shock,like in a trance it still seems so unreal i cant belive it , it seems too good to be true,that close to a ufo,i thought about getting hypontized to relive that night ,but any way i asked a few folks around had they ever seen any thing weird around and i never told them about what i had seen and three people seen the same thing at the same location ,now they are here,im glad i had the chance too see them two times