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Occurred : 8/14/1955 01:00 (Entered as : 08/14/1955 1:00)
Reported: 10/25/2003 3:53:44 PM 15:53
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Madisonville, KY
Shape: Light
traveled 50 miles with no driver after being the light

Myself and a friend we were in Earlington Ky on highway 41a headed south when were surrounded by a bright (blinding white in color) i was engulfed by the light there was no visibility past the car. I got the sensation that i was floating when I released the steering wheel. The next thing that i remember is being 50 miles away at Fort Campbell Ky after releasin the steering wheel. We had changed positions in the car. I was no longer driving and he was in the drivers seat. What was odd was that he didnt know how to drive.

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. Witness describes self as being retired military. PD))