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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/25/2003 21:39 (Entered as : 10/25/1903 21:39)
Reported: 10/27/2003 8:42:57 AM 08:42
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Westminster, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 seconds
Silent, Black Triangle with lights on the corners and amber, glowing lights at rear of craft.

Just after 9:30pm on 10/25/03 I was standing out on the 2nd floor balcony of my girlfriend's apartment smoking a cigarette and looking out towards the southwest at the stars. I suddenly noticed the stars disappear momentarily which then transferred my vision on to what caused the effect - a completely dark triangular craft with two or three unblinking red lights, very small lights, on the top of it. I immediately thought it was an airplane as Jefferson County Airport is only 5-6 miles away, but it was *completely* silent. It was maybe 3 blocks away from me at an altitude of about 500 feet and traveling no more than 60mph or so. I'd estimate it's size at about 3 times that of a standard F16 fighter. It was most definitely not a stealth fighter or a B2 bomber; I'm familiar with military and civilian aircraft and this fit none of the profiles. Once I was able to track it with my vision I followed it's path, which was south, and was able to see three dim white lights at each corner of the triangle. Also at this time, I was able to see the "rear" end of the craft which exhibited 3 or 4 (was hard to tell) circular, amber-colored (or glowing amber, I'm not sure) lights. (I'll email drawing) Finally, as the craft got farther away and was ready to pass out of sight into some low clouds, I heard a single, very short and very faint "whump" sound...almost impossible to hear, it was extremely faint and was the only sound I heard during the entire sighting. I'd estimate the distance at the time of the sound was about 1/2 mile from my location. If I'd not been watching the craft at the time I never would have noticed it.

That's about it, thanks for your time. Contact me for more info if needed. I'll also send a drawing of what I saw.