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Occurred : 11/8/2003 17:55 (Entered as : 11/08/2003 17:55)
Reported: 11/10/2003 1:09:45 PM 13:09
Posted: 11/11/2003
Location: Meriden, CT
Shape: Light
Duration:2 min.
We saw the lunock light for about 2 min. the took off in the light!

My friend and I were sitting at home on my deck whatching the eclipse on November 8,2003. While whatching it we saw something that looked like a flock of gease, but it could not have been because it was very dark and silent we herd absolut silence.There were three rows the middle row shorter then the other two.They were in a v-shape and were a brownish-blue color and glowing.There were at least 20-30 lights fliying together so perfect.They were flying quite fast then all of a sudden it changed shapes. It had went from its v-shape to an oval like shape then right back to its original shape so perfect and absolute as if it never left its shape.Then it flew away past my house into the dark.The next day my friend and I went to the library to reaserch what we saw, looking in two UFO books we saw the same thing we saw that night. It was called the Luddock Light.

((NUFORC Note: Please see numerous other reports. PD))