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Occurred : 6/11/1964 21:40 (Entered as : 06/11/1964 21:40)
Reported: 11/16/2003 6:10:58 PM 18:10
Posted: 11/26/2003
Location: Dedham/Westwood line, MA
Shape: Circle
sighted a huge, bright, full "moon" without typical moon markings directly above the roadside.

Thursday,6/11/1964 was a beautiful clear night. Driving north on Rt. 128 a short distance before the Rt. 109 exit, I glanced ahead to my left, at what I thought was a huge bright full moon a short distance above a small pine tree on top of a rock formation. I was mesmerized by the fact that it was so large and bright and so close to the roadside. My fascination turned to terror when I realized that there were no markings on it. I also, couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. I sped up, desperately wanting to get away and yet, also wanting to take the next exit,(Rt. 109) back to the previous one, (Rt. 1) to return and see it again. But, I was a young woman, driving alone and shaking like a leaf.

I was deep in thought,puzzling over what I had just seen, when, a few miles away, where the trees and foliage by the roadside no longer blocked my view, I saw the real full moon on the horizon, markings and all. At my family's behest,I did not reported it to the police. I was a teacher in the local high school in my home town of Arlington and they were afraid that I would be held up to ridicule.

A couple of weeks later, I heard a radio interview with a man who was the head of the UFO group in Ma. I contacted him and submitted the form he sent me. His first name was Raymond, but I cant remember his last name. I never heard from him, after that.

In December, of 1964,(I remember it as the final Sunday issue of the Boston Globe for the year,) a full page spread was run concerning UFO sightings in N.E. for the year. It was stated in the article that 3 people in Hingham, Ma. had reported that very same sighting, on that date. So. at least I was vindicated before my family, who were skeptics.

I have never forgotten my experience and have spoken of it many times over the years. But, I still have difficulty dealing with the attitudes of those who listen and look at me askance. I know what I saw was real.

As for electrical effects...from the time I was a small child, during an electrical storm, I get an odd sensation in my chest, a reaction I guess and I felt that same sensation as I drove past that object.