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Occurred : 10/20/2003 20:00 (Entered as : 10/20/1903 20:00)
Reported: 12/16/2003 5:47:04 PM 17:47
Posted: 12/19/2003
Location: Sebastopol, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1.5 hrs
Plasma balls emanating from vortex in glowing cloud formation, seen several times with USAF recon next day.

this event has happened repeatedly. the event takes place in skys over west county Sonoma County occasioned by 5 to 6thousand foot scattered ceiling stratus type clouds. Full 360 deg ridgetop view. the event "followed" us to Hawaii as well. Will describe three episodes. 1. Looked to the west on very clear summer night, no forecast of clouds. Clouds as described moved in, ceiling @5Kft. One cloud glowing with something inside, apparently. Balls of light decended through the clouds, moving down and "playing" with each other in random, beautiful patterns. Immediately looked in vain for ground source (first impression, spotlights playing on clouds) but in country area, little liklyhood of that. Possible prank or hoax with lazers? But wait. Balls of light left nascent trails behind them. Plasma? and would occsionally pass up and through glowing cloud area to be seen faintly through cloud and dissappear, only to surge back down through the cloud. Also, balls seen in cloud background and night background mostly the same.. Then, above cloud, could be made out spinning "armature" of light, like a great wand (estimate length, at at least one mile) with greater glow at its end. Like the spoke of a wheel only light. round and round it would go like clock work and the plasma balls would seem to go up into this phenomenon and come back down. This went on for some time at least 45 min as we watched the show. Kept trying to think of logical expl. (total skeptic, feel that most UFO either imagination, mistake nat. phenom or primarily secret gov. tech or gov mass hysteria hoax/deception) No ground source. Balls covering many square miles of air in their dance. Had the impression at times that the "wheel of light" was spitting these things out, like a vortex. Almost seemed alive. Next day (we are not far from Travis A.F.Base) Huge and silent A.F. surveilance planes with bulbous nose, etc. cruising back and forth around area at very low elevation. Have seen phenomenon several times since. One ti! me, wheel of light phenom above cloud quite separate from "plasma balls" that were streaking very high in atmaoshpere at great speed in definite alignment and purposeful direction, unlike playing balls. In Hawaii at Waikiki Beach (not kidding) we looked up to see same glowing cloud formation over hotel we were planning to eat dinner at! Not kidding. Wife says, oh my goodness look. We look up and point,express amazement,(hoping to encourage others to look up) yet the strangest thing. Everyone around us seemed in a daze, totally oblivious to what I thought were our antics , pointing skyward. This time, the rotating beacon or arm of light was smaller, very low in the sky (cloud was only 500 to 1k ceiling max)and more intense. This time no ball of light, but bundled rods (?) of light emerged from cloud, that's the best way to describe "it", moving on a vertical axis and "pulsating". Of note, the huge black triangels people report seeing are most likely huge jet assist military dirigibles meant probably for troop transport, cargo lift etc. There are plans for such triangular mega-dirigables to be seen in Pop Science I beleive. that is why people report "silent"slow movement and hug size. Hope this interests you, it did me.