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Occurred : 6/15/1988 23:00 (Entered as : 06/15/1988 23:00)
Reported: 12/20/2003 2:18:30 AM 02:18
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: North Freedom, WI
Shape: Cylinder
Dreams or recollections of UFO abduction?

In the mid-1990's, I don't remember the exact date, I was awakened one night from a dream by my own screams. My wife, quite naturally, was awakened by my cries and frantically asked what was wrong.

After calming down and bringing my heart rate down I told her that I had had a nightmare that seemed so real to me even after waking that I was shivering with fear. It was a dream about a close encounter with a UFO.

Before I go much further, let me tell you about myself. I am a former United States Marine Corps aviator. I flew as a ((deleted--senior crew member)) on KC-130 aircraft for ((deleted--approximately 10)) years. I have an IQ that has been tested to be over 160, am well educated, well traveled and very well respected by my peers. I am currently working as a field operations officer for a large multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation and hold a great deal of responsibility in my position. I am a practical, straightforward individual, known for my calm, reasoned, common sense approach to problem solving and crisis management. I have an extensive knowledge of both military and civilian aircraft, their characteristics, abilities as well as appearance and am a licensed A&P aircraft mechanic.

Back to my story...

The dream I had just had was of me driving in a car which I recognized as a late 80's model Chevy Berretta. In the car with me were 3 others, a female in the front passenger seat and a male-female couple in the back seat with the male behind myself. As I recounted the dream to my wife we both assumed that the car in question was that of a friend of ours, ((name deleted)). We both commented it strange that I would dream of driving her car as ((name deleted)) would never in a million years let anyone drive her beloved car.

It also seemed strange to me that I did not recognize either of the females in the car as being ((name deleted)), or as my wife for that matter, but yet I felt some connection to the woman in the passenger seat. I also felt as though we were driving home from the movies though it was more a feeling than any part of the dream.

As the dream unfolded we were driving along a stretch of road which crossed under another hi-way, like an interstate. After passing the interstate we approached a rise in the road. From beyond the crest in the road there was a bright light as though a truck with its headlights on bright was approaching. As we continued driving up the rise the light became intensely bright, so white it was tinged with blue and blocked out our vision of the surroundings, yet did not hurt the eyes.

Once we crested the rise I was able to see a short valley that the road descended down into. At the bottom of this depression there were two glowing objects. Each was approximately 50 feet in height, cylindrical in shape with flared out conical bases. (Very similar to the game pieces in the old game SORRY.) The objects were sitting on either side of the road and were the source of the light, though no "lights" themselves could be seen. It was as if the entire object was glowing with this intense blue-white light.

When I was able to shake myself from the sight of these objects I could feel that I was no longer driving the car, we were being drawn towards them as though caught in the sci-fi classic "tractor beam". At this point I, along with my companions in the vehicle, began to scream. It was at this point the dream ended and I awoke.

(FYI: I have had goose bumps the entire time I wrote this. I am hesitant to think about the dream very often these days.) I had the dream only once. I would sometimes think about it and try to place where the dream took place. At this point it did not bother me much to think about the dream. It was kind of a mind exercise to figure out where it had taken place. The overwhelming feeling that I was driving ((name deleted)) Beretta home from the movies led me to believe that the dream took place in the suburbs of Chicago where I live and I imagined several likely locations, though none exactly matched the dream. The fact that the car had a light color interior in the dream, and that ((name deleted)) car had a dark interior was another part of the dream which I could not rationalize. Over time I began to let the dream fade I rarely thought of it.

About two years or so after having the dream I was in a conversation with some people talking about cars. We were talking about the first car we ever owned and it was then that it hit me like a ton of bricks. In the summer of 1988 I had left active duty in the USMC to go back to college and had bought a red 1988 Chevy Beretta with a light sand colored interior. The car in the dream was mine. Suddenly it all came back to me in a flash. From that moment on the memory of the dream has never failed to bring on goose bumps, and occasional tears.

The girl in the front seat was my girlfriend at the time, the man in the back seat her brother, and the other woman his girlfriend. I was living in North Freedom, Wisconsin that summer of 1988 after taking a summer job in the area. The four of us had gone to the movies at a drive-in early that evening in Madison and had returned home late. We stopped in Wisconsin Dells and had gone skinny-dipping in the river at a place known as "Bare-Assed Beach". After getting in the car we drove back towards Baraboo to drop the three of them off before I drove on to North Freedom. The next morning I remember waking in my bed with no recollection of the drive from the Dells back home.

After my revelation I was able to place the hi-way we crossed under as I-94, though I do not know if it was the US Rte. 12 underpass or one of the ones west of there, but that is definitely the rough location of my encounter. I have long since lost contact with my companions that night and have no idea if any of them have ever had similar dreams.

As I have stated I only had the dream once.

Several years later however, in the late 1990's I had a second dream more terrifying than the first.

This time it all made sense from the start. The dream took place in "downtown" North Freedom. (I say downtown in quotes because it is such a small town, population 600, there is little else but a few lonely brick storefronts.) The dream took place at night. I was returning home from Baraboo in my 1988 Beretta and had arrived in North Freedom. Being late at night the gas station was closed and there was nowhere to get a soda other than the Coke machine outside of one of the buildings downtown.

As I got out of my car with the change for the machine in hand, I looked up into the cloudless sky and saw the millions of twinkling stars. I just stood there and stared for a long while at them. I had some training in celestial navigation and was trying to pick out the major constellations, planets and stars. My stargazing over I then started walking across the main intersection in the center of town towards the pop machine. As I walked I felt a slight tug at my jacket. Then another tug. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled upwards off my feet, into the air by collar of my jacket, my arms pinioned by the sleeves. As I began to rise at a faster and faster rate I looked up again, but this time saw no stars. Instead I saw large black circular object blocking the sky from my sight as it hovered overhead.

At this point I again screamed and awoke.

I guess I should also state that being a former Marine I do not scare easily and have never screamed that I can recall in my entire life. Whether or not these are just dreams or actual encounters I do not know for sure, but I will say this, I have NEVER, EVER had such realistic dreams. To this day I can see and feel every aspect of the dream; the colors, the smells, the fear.

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to the witness for taking the time to submit such an interesting report. Date of event is approximate. PD))