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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/18/1970 23:00 (Entered as : 07/18/1970 23:00)
Reported: 12/20/2003 4:49:49 PM 16:49
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Custer, MT
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
It had been stationary in the sky for about two hours when it just "took off" and then went back the way it had originated from before

My cousin and I were going to sleep out in thier back yard.We had been there for a couple of hours watching for shooting stars when one particular "star" that had been in the sky for that entire time just took off and went very slowly from the middle of the sky to the northwest then stopped for a short time and went back, very quickly in the direction it came from, passing it's starting point and eventually disappearing on the horizon. We were both in about the 5th and 6th grades at the time and of course no one ever believed us.there were no visible outlines, just a light that had been in the sky with all the other stars for the 2 or so hours that we lay there watching stars. That also ended our sleeping outside as we moved indoors for the rest of the night. I have had a hard time sleeping under the stars ever since.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. Satellites generally do not move to the northwest, so that possibility is unlikey, we believe. PD))