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Occurred : 1/17/2004 19:30 (Entered as : 01/17/2004 19:30)
Reported: 1/17/2004 10:58:46 PM 22:58
Posted: 1/22/2004
Location: Browning, MT
Shape: Formation
me and my family was driving home from cutbank MT when we saw a light that looked like a star but changing it proceeded to follow us

This is going to sound really wierd but me, my niece and boyfriend was driving home from Cutbank MT from a movie this was about 7:30 pm we couldn't see anything for about 10 miles because there was a really heavy fog it finally disappeared when we hit the local Wheat Silos. We were all busy talking when we all got quiet cause we were all looking at the stars when shan who was driving told me "what star is that?" and I said "what star?" and he pointed it out to me and it was really bright we talked for a minute thinking it was the north star but he said it was in the wrong place and WAY to bright I shrugged and went to pick up the trash in the car when Alannah (my niece) got really excited "its gone! Arnell look its gone!" and sure enough me and shan looked at where it was and it was gone like nothing was ever there we were in a blank field so we could see the stars really good. I kinda got freaked and so did Shan so I told everyone to look around cause maybe it would reappear again and it did reappear on the way right of the car but this time we could see little lights on it like it was blinking Red, Blue, Orange we all got scared saying it was a plane but it stayed in the same place just blinking different colors for the next minute. Then it disappeared again but it appeared again RIGHT ahead of us (we were on a straight road) but lower to the ground about 500 feet and a mile ahead on top of a hill, by this time we were all getting scared even alannah jumped in front with us cause it was ahead of us but it kept moving forward blinking different lights and getting lower to the ground when we reached the hill it was gone. So we all looked around again and it appeared about a mile ahead of us the red and blue lights brighter than before all of us got really excited and we kept our eye on it till we got into town we then turned onto Heart Butte road and stopped to look, it looked to have landed on the hill by East Glacier road we could still see the lights flashing on it. By this time shan ! got excited and wanted to follow it me and Alannah didn't want to but he ended up going to the East Glacier Road and stopping by the bridge. We all got out of the car and proceeded to look at it cause it was to the right of the road facing north we could still see the red and blue lights but this is the strange part we were all looking at the one that followed us from Cutbank. When we started to look at the sky all around us we saw a the same light but Brighter on the left of the roadfacing south the one that followed us was facing North. We stayed there watching them both amazed at the colors of them they were no stars or planes they were changing colors to fast and to close to the ground. We left about 20 minutes later and went home (in Browning MT) we told my mom who went outside with us you could still see the south UFO flashing different colors but not as bright it moved back farther and to the right more she believed us and proceeded to call the Police station who then called the Cutbank Police to ask them about the strange light they replied in saying it was a Satellite. I don't think a Satellite can follow someone for 30 miles in a car blinking red and blue close to the ground. we all went back to the East Glacier Bridge and stopped to look at the South UFO it was still blinking colors but it had moved farther back and more to the left we stayed there about half an hour watching it get smaller and the lights getting dimmer. we took my mom home and went to go return movies at the local video store still able to see the light in town, we then stopped at my sister Belinda's house she was standing outside with her binoculars the light was still there in the same spot changing blue, red and orange in formation moving to the right like around a sphere about an hour later when we were home the light in the sky changing colors was gone. To describe the Lights it was like they were moving in formation in a circle flashing blue, red and orange when we saw it the closest it was definitely moving in a circle.