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Occurred : 6/13/2003 03:07 (Entered as : 06/13/2003 03:07)
Reported: 1/18/2004 6:01:03 AM 06:01
Posted: 1/22/2004
Location: Ludlow, CA
Shape: Chevron
"Spliting Amber Chevron Shaped UFO's in Ludlow , Ca Hwy 40...6/13/2003 3am"

On the early morning of June 13th 2003, My wife and I were on a road trip to the Grand Canyon Az. from Riverside Ca. At about 2 hours into the trip, we were driving eastbound along Interstate Hwy 40 through Ludlow... just above the Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Base. Around 03:06am, Our attention was drawn to a "VERY BRIGHT, single amber colored Object" (Pic#1)off to our left. I was amazed on the Brightness of this object, It was about a half a mile away at about 2 to 3 thousand feet. I quickly snapped a digital photo with a Sony 3.5mp digital cam but the flash went off, so my wife appears on the photo as a negative refection off the passenger window. What is surprising is even with the flash going off... you can still see the Brightness it had. So after that mistake, I quickly turned off the flash and took another about 10 to 13 seconds later... and what was once one object... appears to have split into two separate objects... (pic#2) What I had seen soon after was it disappearing at a 35 degree angle towards the north. We were not alone on the hwy... there was a truck who I KNOW saw it because he swerved like I did when the object appeared. I exited on "Crucero rd" and even saw three California Hwy Patrol Cars parked at the gas station where we had stopped to defragg what we just saw. I "Stupidly" said to one of the officers if they had seen the Object I seen ...using the term UFO. I was Laughed at and told Marines are using FLARES to light up the area during maneuvers... which could be true. But I Know what a Military Flare looks like in fight. No parachute, no smoke trail... and I never seen anything take off at a 35 degree angle at a speed from a dead stop. So I have enclosed five Pics for evidence and my word as it Happened! Thanks for a place to put this important information , at least someone cares! A.Chacon