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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/15/1995 21:00 (Entered as : 05/15/1995 21:00)
Reported: 1/18/2004 10:14:19 PM 22:14
Posted: 1/22/2004
Location: Indian Ocean (location unspecified), AK
Shape: Circle
Duration:2 minutes
At Sea, Underwater Sighting (Indian Ocean)

In 1995 I served my last year at sea. My last tour was on the USNS Kane, a US Navy Research Vessel charted by NAVOCEANO and under command of the Military Sealift Command. These ships were managed and crewed by a subsidary of Dyn Services (front company for CIA or NSA) and this subsidary of Dyn Services is Dyn Marine Services, who I was employed by. My position was AB Unlimited, or a helmsman for the land people. A simple search on the above mentioned corporations will reveal the obvious connection.

The ships mission was submarine defense warfare related, whether it was hydrographic surveys (mapping of ocean floor), or the launching and towing of many various types of sleds, bullets, and other "secret" equipment. First, the winches on board were equipped with miles of high tech optical embedded cable that was connected to the various devises so we actually launched and retrieved to the deepest depths, I know of several occasions while we were on ops we would have equipment in 13000 feet of water.

The ship was divided in two areas of personnel, the crew, approx. 35 including deck and engine dept., and around 30 scientists who were employed by NAVO, the US Navys Oceanographic Office. There was a big division between these two, the crew and the scientists. Man, were they ever tight- lipped...and their labs and quarters took up 2/3 of the ship, and all the labs were secure, no entry what so ever to the crew.

I served as primary crane operator, and the scientists became partial to me launching with the crane and operation of winches.

In 1995 I served 336 days aboard the Kane- The night of the sighting we were in the Indian Ocean, and were pulling this rather large sled, whatever it did- when an unusual circumstance arose. The Senior Navo Scientist came to the bridge. Remember the division factor...and I was on the port bridge wing, my watch partner AB was on the wheel (actually in the bridge, as we were on gyro) and the Second Mate had the watch. When the Senior came to the bridge he was actually being social, and he came out to the port wing to converse with me. Cool, I thought, this is unusual...and as we were speaking, I saw it.

Coming up from the depths was what appeared to be a small point of light, and was quickly becoming larger as it arose from the depths. When I said "LOOK" and every one on the bridge was watching the Senior did a most curious thing. He ran for the squwak box (here I have to add a note, as the scientists had their own "conn" or bridge, if you will, down below they were capable of steering and controlling course of the ship, however the command to turn or change course would always be relayed to us on the real bridge via this squawk box) and he said to his cohorts, and I quote his words "Gentleman, we have INTERESTING NATURAL PHENOMENA off the port bow," with heavy emphasis on the words I itailisized.

As he ran back out to the port wing the object, which was round and I would guess 75 feet in diameter, was at this time I estimate was about 100 feet below our was so bright- the color of a green glow stick...and I also have to add that the seas were glass, dead calm. Seeing was easy. At this moment, How do I put it? The object went back down in the opposite direction it came from- at a very steep angle and was haulin***, with a blur... it was gone.

Was it coincidental we stayed in this area for three days, going back and forth, around and around? I am convinced of alien presence in our oceans. For I SAW.

It is my hope that maybe one day we will know the TRUTH- our government knows, that's for sure. Any NAVO Scientists lurking here? Maybe we all will hear from one who is willing the speak.

I would be curious of any similiar expierences. I have seen pyro plankton, bio luminesence, glow jelly fish, etc. What we saw was a craft of some unknown type, and not any of these natural sources stated above.