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Occurred : 3/6/1993 19:00 (Entered as : 03/06/1993 19:00)
Reported: 1/19/2004 1:24:29 PM 13:24
Posted: 1/22/2004
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Shape: Triangle
Black triangle shaped disc appeared out of nowhere and was dark except for four attached lights,scary.

Was going shopping and it was supposed to be a lunar eclipse. I wanted to get pictures of it. After I took pictures I noticed this triangular shaped craft hovering beside me. It made no noise at all. Wherever I drove it followed me and my wife.

I tried getting a picture and it sped off. My photos did not take of the eclipse or the craft. All pictures were black. I used a flash, so it should have taken. The craft was triangular with a light at the point and three consecutive lights at the base. I have been listening to am coast to coast and have found I am not the only one to see this type of object. Any response would be appreciated. Thank you.

((name and e-address deleted)) ((deleted)) Street Pgh.,Pa.15210