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Occurred : 6/14/1996 20:00 (Entered as : 06/14/1996 20:00)
Reported: 1/31/2004 12:35:30 AM 00:35
Posted: 1/31/2004
Location: Cebu (Philippines),
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour or more
Four Red lights in a straight line

This is an experience I would not like to share but since I found this website, I might eventually encourage other people with similar experiences. This phenomenon did not only happen once but twice in a one week interval and both have witnesses. It has been 8years and the memories are still very vivid and unfortunately I am the only witness to publish this material - I do not currently live in the Philippines anymore and the whereabouts of the other witnesses is not of my knowledge.

It started in a humid summer night in Cebu,Philippines in Mandaue. As usual, me and my mates(we were of varying ages: 17,16 to 10) hang out in my friend's topless jeep and share jokes or whatever. Suddenly at around 8PM, my friend alerted us to a red light up in the sky moving(right to left) from east to west, and we(about 8 of us) spotted the single red light and unexpectedly another red light popped out in the east following the first and another until it completed into four red lights trailing each other that moved quite fast from east to westward manner. The distance between these four red lights were very uniform in a straight line(east to west) and suddenly all four halted in mid air(12o'clock in front of us, about 50degrees above our sky view, their height might be around a normal cloud height). After halting, the four red lights "waited" for a few seconds and the fourth red light(from the right) moved clockwise around the other remaining 3 and climbed up to sky about 10o'clock position above the remaining 3 and is about a few miles up the sky(estimated) and stayed there - while the fourth red light was manouvering, the second red light moved counterclockwise around the remaining 2 and moved slowly to the east and "played" around in the sky(easterly) for a few minutes and decided to go "high speed" up the sky into nowhere like the ones you see on starwars. The first red light(from the left) while the fourth and the second red lights were manouvering, just went "high speed" up the sky into nowhere, again. The third red light(which was the brightest of all 3) remained still without any "visible" movement. The fourth red light remained in its position until it was covered with clouds. All this happened in about 30minutes.

At that moment, there were 2 adult witnesses which makes it 10, and I called my parents and saw it in disbelief and concluded that it was just a "satellite" - I said to them, "Doing those ridiculous moves, no way" I know how satellites move, I have observed them very well, but not this one.

The third light remained until 9:30PM and did that "high speed" thingy up into nowhere. These red lights were quite bright and vivid up, like LED(light emitting diodes) up in the sky, but not so bright or so intense.

After that incident, the following week, which was Wednesday(I could still remember) at 8PM as well, me and a friend of mine were having a chat at the back of a pick up truck. I innocently gazed into the patchy cloudy night sky and thought of nothing and the second time I gazed on the exact position I gazed before, there, the intense third red light(which I recognized) was there along with the passing clouds, as if looking at me. I called upon my other friends(about 3) and saw it too. We were excited and both fearing why it showed up again as if it's intention was only meant for us - I could feel it. A passing cloud covered the red light and by the time the cloud was gone(about 10 seconds past) the red light was in no sight. That was the last of it.

We speculated the possibilities of what the red lights might be, and a lot of them have been junked: 1. not an airplane, surely it wasn't, not even helicopters(no noise) and moves too fast "upwards".

2. not a kite with a very bright red lamp, why: a. the intervals of all four were seemingly uniform moving from left to right, east to west, not to mention how it stopped abruptly in mid air like there is a pause button somewhere.

b. the level of brightness in that height would require a huge battery and a reasonably huge lamp, as big as a car's red lamp, which require at least a 6volt(very heavy battery) - not even a 3metre kite can carry it. An LED can't produce that level of brightness at that distance.

c. a kite in a night sky is not very steady, wind pressure is weak. These red lights were as still as you can imagine.

3. not a satellite, too bright, and the movements are very complex.

Whatever it was, I only wished I had caught it in video with a steady tripod, it would had astonished the whole world who owns a TV.

I might email a sketch of how it moved in the sky and its arrangegments.