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Occurred : 10/14/1995 20:05 (Entered as : 10/14/1995 20:05)
Reported: 2/8/2004 10:06:55 AM 10:06
Posted: 2/12/2004
Location: Belmont, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
One large triangle craft, 20 small red, clear, and green lighted craft

my mom my youngest daugher and i went to pick up my other daughter from dance class, it was dark, we passed a feild with a row of trees in back, suddenlty we were blinded by a huge flying object with a bright light, it vanished but frightened us, on th way back we saw object with red light come up from behine tree and shoot into the sky so face and high, it stopped and formed a triangle with other objects with either clear, red, or green lights, each only had one light, and was small like teardrop shaped one man flying machine, we realized the sky was full, one would leave triangle and go to another they kept moving then shot back down, we drove to rea, but thout we lost them, we pulled i a place to turn around, there they were, there were 20 hovering about 10 feet off the ground in a straight line, my mom got scared, we think they saw us, she drove fast up to main road, no one was around, and for some reason we sat there atthe stop sign, then ahead of us we watched a big triangle shaped craft slowly rise from a feild behind some tree's, i opened my door and got out, i was not afraid but too calm to react, it came right over us, it floated slow,there were no lights on it, no sound, it looked black with blak squares like windows, then it just slowly went off towards where the small ones where, then my mom started screaming again, i called local news, but my mom said not to because people would think we were crazy, i am not exactly sure of date , many other sightings here in michigan at the same time, but this is not the only time!

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))