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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/1975 19:00 (Entered as : 03/15/1975 19:00)
Reported: 3/2/2004 5:42:29 PM 17:42
Posted: 3/9/2004
Location: New Cambria (2 Miles SE of), KS
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:1 hour
SPRING 1975 - Central Kansas - 2 Aliens

We had driven to the country to "park" - I was 16 - My partner 15...

Right after crossing a cement bridge that spanned a river - We pulled up a farmer's access road approximately 100 yards and parked back at the edge of a field alongside a bend in the river with my car pointing back (East) towards the dirt road we had turned off of - Facing the bridge we had crossed...

Being a clear night we noticed the stars - As well as to the north - familiar local transmitter towers with their red beacons lit...Looking towards the south/southeast I saw a similar looking tower light perhaps 3-5 miles away...Being familiar with the area however - I knew of no structures lit or unlit occupying that area - And stated to my partner - "What's that over there? - There's no tower over there..." The instant the words had left my mouth - Almost as if on cue - From the direction of that unknown light - Came a blur - The type of blur movies try to depict when a spaceship goes "Warp Speed" - And in the time it took one to snap one's fingers - There hovering at treetop level above the bridge - Was a dark object - Rectangular in shape - With one red & one green "running light" positioned together on the lower part of the craft at its center...We stared in amazement - But said nothing...After about 5 minutes we noticed the craft's position had moved to the right - (As we faced it) - But to look at it you could not tell it was moving at all - It was only after it noticeably left its position centered over the bridge - That we had any idea it was moving...It continued its "slow motion" - Again movement so slow & undectectable - That it was only in elapses of 5 - 10 minutes of time - That we could see that it had progressed more to the right than previously...After approximately 20 - 30 minutes - It sat directly across from us - Facing the passengers side of the car - At treetop level - On the other side of the river - Now 90 Degrees from where it originally was...

After staring silently at it for another 5 minutes - My partner turned to me and said: "Is THAT what I THINK it is?" - Whereupon I replied: "NO, NO - There are NO such things as UFO's - There are NO such things as UFO's"...After another 30 seconds my partner said "Let's get out of here" - Whereupon I started the car and started back down the access road to the county road...As I turned onto the county road & subsequently onto the cement bridge - We saw that the craft had now returned to its original position - Treetop height - Above us and slightly back from the bridge...As we started to cross - My partner said: "STOP - STOP - I've gotta see if it's real - I've gotta see if it's real..." I stopped the car center-bridge - We got out and looked up at a craft - Approximately 20-25 Feet wide - Again with a round red & green light at its base - And a rectangular glass window - Or what appeared to be glass - Running across the middle third of its front...Standing to the left side (As we faced it) - Looking down at us - Were 2 "Beings" - And although I could only see them from the waist up - Were around 4 feet tall - With abnormally large upper heads - And large black eyes - I describe as "Insect Eyes" - Just staring at us...I'll never forget those eyes - They were like a shark's - No feeling - No emotion in them - Their skin was pure white - Like the moon - Not grey - And the texture appeared like - I know no other way to describe it - Like that of an albino salamander...Very similar to what you see depicted in books etc. - Except the fronts/tops of their heads are larger/more bulbous than I've seen depicted - And their eyes - Ran almost north/south with their heads - As opposed to the angled versions - Again that I have seen depicted...Their craft hovered silently the whole time - Not even a hum - And no flashing lights - Just the two "running lights" - Which in retrospect - I imagine were there to convince anyone who might see them from a distance - That it was just a conventional aircraft...After about a minute of "eye contact" - We got back in the car - And rapidly - But still not panicky - Headed the two miles up the dirt road to the main paved road...I kept my eyes glued to the rear view mirror the whole way - And when we turned onto the paved road to head back to town - We could see the craft was still hovering where we had left it...Nothing like this had ever happened to me before - And nothing like it since - But the events are as clear to me today - As they were that night...The ironic thing to me is that although my experience really couldn't have been a better one - Regarding my determination of "Aliens" being "Real" - I have a very hard time believing others about their "experiences" - And have concluded that - No matter how much one wants to believe - The only way one CAN believe - Is to experience this firsthand - The old "Seeing Is Believing" adage...

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))