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Occurred : 3/25/2002 09:00 (Entered as : 03/25/2002 09:00)
Reported: 3/26/2004 1:37:28 AM 01:37
Posted: 3/28/2004
Location: Fountain, CO
Shape: Chevron
Duration:10 min
Just found your site,so I thought I would send in a sighting. This ocurred before 2002,but do not know exactly. I live about 10-15 miles south of the Colorado Springs Airport,and Peterson AFB. As I watched airplanes flying south towards me,I noticed a large balloon like object that was silver/black in color. It was very large,and seemed not to move up,but over time became lower in horizon,as it seemed to move north.As I was watching this I looked to the northwest and saw a dark object that at first thought was a B-2 Stealth bomber,but I noticed that this chevron had no broken lines as does the B-2.At arms length it was about 2 inches and the balloon shape was also about 2 inches yet balloon was further north.Planes still were taking off and none of them were as large.The airline'rs were closer to me than the balloon was.The chevron looked as tho it was going to land,but I lost sight of it,as I returned my focus on the balloon object.As I watched I seemed to have just turned and walked back into my house.Also as I was watching I called a friend and was relaying what I was seeing on their answer machine.I had enough time to take pictures,but,the thought of doing so never came to mind,even tho I was looking through binoc. as well as visual.The approx. measurements were by naked eye. I heard of a sighting of a sphere shape object around Denver where the sphere followed cars. Tho photo taken by witness was smaller than what I had seen,but color was much the same as well as shape. I haved lived here for about 19 years and have seen more than my share of sightings,where it is almost a common thing. Daylight stars,stars disapering,formations of objects.And many things that are of question. None of things seen are military craft known to public.Colorado Springs is a very heavy packed with military. Norad,Air Force Academy,Peterson AFB. Fort Carson. My location is something I enjoy. I live close to Fort Carson and have an eye level view of Norad.I can see up to the the Academy. Glad I found your site,now I can rest cause I got this off my chest. A thought I had on day of sighting of balloon/chevron I thouht many people would see these as it was early and peolpe going to work.No news on it.The photo of the object in Denver was about same day as mine,I think Mufon of Colorado has the photo.Keep looking up,an around for it will keep you wondering.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))