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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/1961 11:00 (Entered as : 07/15/1961 11:00)
Reported: 4/4/2004 7:32:42 PM 19:32
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:5 hours
Rte 30 West, near Belmont Rd. intersection 7/15/61 4 hours Gray metallic cigar craft on Herr property in field below hill

I was a light blonde Dutch-cut little girl of 4 yrs old, the daughter of a college prof. My mother was watching my younger brothers 3 and 2 in the house. We lived Route 30 West about 6 miles outside of Gettysburg, near Belmont Rd. Often I was let out of the house to play in this foot-high weedy grass field and I played alone.

I could see the house but I was 25' away from the house. I remember sitting in the grass then something picked me up by my arm and dragged me thru the grass. This being was in a solid shiny material and I believe it was charcoal grey. This being had no feelings for my being dragged over the ground. It flew across the ground. I saw a cigar shaped metallic grey craft positioned on the ground below the hill. The field has a slope and this meant the craft would not be seen from Belmont or Rte 30 West. I was terrified. A being in a buff colored tight outfit came up from the center of the craft, as up a ladder, to meet us. I was hauled inside where they put me on a table. I remember struggling to get away and being so afraid. Painful probes were put inside my nose and mouth. Weeks later I had pain in my lower abdomen and would experience pain every time I breathed. I remember thinking that they were communicating without talking which I now know is telepathically. They had no feelings, ice-cold machinelike qualities which terrified me. I didn't remember ears or hair like we have and I think with hypnosis I might be able to recall more about them. I couldn't sleep well for weeks. In Sunday school I remembered that angels flew and I thought I was being hurt by angels. I couldn't tell my parents because I had not the language to describe this and I was terrified to relive this experience. Also, I played an angel in my grandmother's church for a Christmas play and decided that I could never burst my parents' belief about angels being bad. I remember thinking that I was going to die as they worked on me with metal and tubes and painful implements. At one point I think I went into shock. When I came to, at one point, I was levitated in the air about 5' off a table. There were these beings sitting around the table looking up at me. I think they were examining my genitals and reproductive organs. During the time I entered the craft I could not speak. It was if I was paralyzed. Later I remember thinking that time had stopped and I wondered how they could have done that. I believe that the craft was moving at some point and I was placed against a wall in an upright position.

I can't remember much else but when I was able to go home from the field my legs and arms were badly bruised. I had missed lunch but my mother thought that I was not hungry as I often came home on my own. I'm not sure if she thought I may have gone up to the neighbor's house (they let us play in their field) and got food there which sometimes I did. I believe that I was gone more than was revealed by earth time.My father came home and saw me. He was very upset and accused my mother of abusing me. I was taken to a physician the next day for an exam. The local practitioner believed that I was showing the sudden bruising signs of leukemia. I kept assuring my dad and mom that nothing was wrong and that mom hadn't hurt me. I never told them about the "angels." To this day only my husband and children know about my abduction. Exploratory surgery was performed on me soon after and bone marrow was taken from both my right thigh and my left kneecap. The findings were negative.

When I was in my 20's an unpaid psychic approached me in FL where I was living at the time. She explained that I had indeed been abducted by aliens and that I am still being monitored by them. Probably with a device inside me?