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Occurred : 4/5/2004 21:10 (Entered as : 04/05/2004 21:10)
Reported: 4/6/2004 3:04:49 AM 03:04
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: Yuma, AZ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:45 seconds to 1 minute
Dark triangle with no lights and no sound 150 feet above our heads.

We had just returned home from the grocery store, and were unloading groceries out of the car, and my mother was pointing to the visible sattelite in the sky with her cane. A triangle shaped craft was spotted by the three of us flying directly over our heads, approximately 100 feet above the palm trees by my driveway. It appeared to be black, but very visible to the naked eye. We saw what looked like 7 small circles on the bottom of this craft, one at the point, and three on each side. This craft was so low, that we could make out the outer rings around these disks, which were concave in shape. It flew directly over the top of us, not very fast, but not slow either. It continued on for about 500 feet, ascended, and disappeared right in front of our eyes. The thing that really struck us was three things....first of all, there were no lights of ANY kind on this craft, but we could see it clearly, as if the city lights reflected off the bottom, kind of luminescent. The second is that for it flying so low, there was not a single air current in its wake in the tops of the palm trees, like a copter or plane would generate. Lastly, but most importantly, it made ABSOLUTELY NO SOUND! No engine noise, no wind, nothing. What is really strange is that we live literally in the Marine Corp Air Staion's back yard...something flying as low as this craft was would never be seen on their radar. We see military and civilian crafts all day and night, because we also live right next to the airport. This was like nothing we have ever seen before.