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Occurred : 4/4/2004 23:00 (Entered as : 04/04/2004 23:00)
Reported: 4/7/2004 6:52:58 AM 06:52
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: New Philidelphia, OH
Shape: Light
Duration:45 Min.
The pictures show pink, red and, green hazes around the bright light, with a star off in the distance.

We were on our way back from West Virginia, stopped for dinner, and we had gone about 20 miles, and had to turn around, because I had forgotten something at the resturant. Another couple that went with us, were driving behind us, and we pulled over told them we had to go back, go on ahead to Cleveland, we will see them the next day. On the way back I was in the passenger seat, and happened to look at this bright low star, or so I thought. It caught my eye, because it was so bright, yet so low. Never thought anymore about it. We made it to the resturant, then headed back home. Now my husband, was driving, and he said wow what is that, here he noticed the light, because it was now on his side of the road. I told him I noticed it on the way back to the resturant. We pulled off the road, in a spot where we saw radio towers, just to compare it. It was as high as the towers, brighter then the towers, and the sky was clear, with a full moon. The towers had to be about five miles from us, and we could see the frame of the towers, but no frame on the bright light. The light slowly moved to the other side of the towers, and it grew lighter then darker, in brightness. So we assumed it was a plane. We got back on the road, and continued on, but pulled off the road again,because it had moved now behind us. At that point we called our son in Columbia Station, Ohio. He went outside, and could see it also, and this was 80 + miles away. We told him to get his camera, and get a picture. Then we called my sister-in-law, in Elyria, Ohio, she went outside with my niece, with binoculars, the saw it, and said it had lights like a blooming flower, with rays off of it, and it twisted and turned. My son called us back saying he could not get the camera to keep it in focus for the shot, now at that time we pulled off the road agin to get our pictures with my cell phone. After I took two shots. We all saw it dissappear. No light at all. We were all amazed. Then it reappeared. At that point I took a total of four pi! ctures with my cell phone, all have an accual star in the sky and this light. We called the New Philidelphia police, they said they would investigate it. The cell phone my husband used to call 911, went out of emergency mode, finnaly, and he called my son back, and he was taling about it being a possible ufo, his phone went to a loud static, and and he kept loosing signal, but my cell phone was fine, that just added more to our thoughts. We called Channel 5 news in Cleveland, Ohio, to see if there were any reports. No one belived us. We then called the other couple that was first driving behind us, and they also saw it, but they noticed it only because they saw a bright light shooting off it, thinking it was lightening, they watched it for awhile, because of the lowness of it, and knew it was not a plane, but didnt think much of it till we told them how we watched it for 45 min. I have a total of 4 pictures. In one it shows two lights, but all the rest show one light. I believe in my heart out of 7 people in different areas, we all saw a UFO.