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Occurred : 2/25/1990 22:45 (Entered as : 02/25/1990 22:45)
Reported: 4/8/2004 7:24:11 PM 19:24
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: Wimberley, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Siting of a triangular shaped UFO.

Austin MUFON Local File#920323-1 SUBJECT: Sighting Of Triangular UFO TYPE OF REPORT: General DATE OF REPORT: May 26, 1992 DATE OF UFO SIGHTING: February 25, 1990 TIME OF UFO SIGHTING: 10:30PM CST PLACE OF SIGHTING: Wimberley, Hays County, Texas, USA LOCAL ELEVATION: Unknown of Ordinary Significance FIELD INVESTIGATOR: * ((name #1 deleted)) ******* SIGHTING ACCOUNT: ((name #2 deleted)) was visiting his parents just west of Wimberley, Texas during the weekend of February 24-25, 1990. The area is farmed out but is also generally wooded near the Blanco Bend River. Between 10:00 and 10:30pm on the aforementioned date, ((name #2 deleted)) was walking home from a nearby fast food restaurant. He was aware of the time because he had just gotten a new watch recently and was looking at it frequently. It was a quiet, dark and very cool evening with clear skies and bright stars. The new moon occurred on this night so the sky was moonless.

((name #2 deleted)) happened to look skyward in order to observe some of the constellations, "And there it was!", he said. His first thought was, What the hell is THAT?" He was not afraid, he said, but was amazed. He had considered himself to be sceptical about UFO's, so the experience was impressive and highly elating.

The object was triangular in shape, but it was as if the points of the triangle had been cut off. The cut was perpendicular to the bisection of the anglefor the leading apex, and the other two points were either cut the same as the leading apex or cut perpendicular to the trailing edge of the UFO.

((name #2 deleted)) raised his armto an angle of about 60° as an indication of the initial zenith angle relative to him. He could see only the underside surface of the object and it was glowing faintly orange over it's entirety, like very hot metal.There were no lights and no visible protuberances, but ((name #2 deleted)) did appear to notice what appeared to be geometric shapes on the surface, formed with straight lines. He believes that these were part of the objects structure, rather than decals (painted). He said that the object was "remarkably similar" to those depicted in the "Unsolved Mysteries" segment on Belgium UFO's.

((name #2)) aproximated the arms-length size of the object to be 4"-4.5" (or 10-12 times the size of a full moon). He guessed that the object must have been over 1000 feet away, but then indicated that he was not too good with scales or distances.

The vehicle was moving very slowly and in a straight line from south to north (from his right to his left) perpendicular to his walking direction. There was no sound of any kind from the vehicle or otherwise-including no dogs barking. (Any dogs barking would probably have been due to the presence of the object.) He was so taken by the once sighting that he never once gave thought to the possibility that other such objects may have been in the area. ((name #2)) said that he must have watched the object for ten minutes before it passed out of site behind the trees. It never changed speed, direction or altitude during that time. After the object disappeared from view, ((name #2)) continued to stand and look for several minutes, totally awestruck by the experience.

Immediately upon returning home, ((name #2)) called the Hays County Sheriff's Department and reported the sighting. The Dispatcher told him that THERE HAD BEEN OTHER CALLS REGARDING A UFO SIGHTING THAT VERY EVENING! Later, early Monday morning, ((name #2)) called a local Austin FM Radio Station and told a DJ friend of his sighting. After watching the NBC Network's UNSOLVED MYSTERIES program on the Belium UFO's during the late fall of 1991, ((name #2)) called their 800 number and reported his sighting.

In March Of 1992, ((name #2)) called an Austin ************** group who referred him to someone named ((name #3)) (doesn't remember last name). ((name #3)) pointed ((namd #2)) to some woman (name not remembered) who referred him to Austin MUFON. On March 23, 1992, ((name #2)) called Austin MUFON and told Mrs. ***** ****** of his sighting. ((name #4)) provided an outline of the sighting to me on March 28, 1992 at a regular MUFON meeting. Scott also called the Hays County Sheriff's Department to get more information on the UFO sighting. He was told that they had no record of his report or any other report of the UFO.

On May, 25, 1992 at 2:00pm CST, I met with name #2)) at his residence and received his report.