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Occurred : 7/31/1984 22:00 (Entered as : 07/31/1984 22:00)
Reported: 4/13/2004 4:39:31 PM 16:39
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Middlebury, CT
Shape: Other
Duration:15 mins
Sun. July 31, 1984 10-pm sighting Middlebury CT over Police tower I-84 next to South St. arch bridge

I had an experience in 1984 I will never forget.

My name is ((name deleted)). I am now 44, in 1984 I was 24, and at the time I was a D-J at a radio station in central Connecticut. It was a Sunday night, summertime, I know it was July 31st, 1984. I had just visited my parents, watched 60 minutes (thats how I remember it was a Sunday night; at the time I remember thinking it was at the beginning of the month, but I looked it up on a perpetual calendar and realized it was a few hours before August 1st.) and I watched a movie with them, and left about 10 o'clock and drove home on I-84. My parents lived in Newtown and I in Waterbury. Driving up thru Middlebury, past exit 16, I saw what I thought was a plane coming down fast to my right, in the corner of my eye. As I drove up a grade, the "plane" came down over some pine trees, and I was approaching a large Arch bridge in front of me about a quarter of a mile ahead. The "plane" "stopped on a dime" instantaneously above the bridge ! For about 1/8th of a second I thought it was a military jet called a VTOL (Vertical take off or landing) -- there is Oxford airport about a mile away to my right at this point -- and so I thought, "Oh ! A VTOL !!" And then, in that 1/8th of a second, my heart came up into my throat !!! It's not a VTOL but a freakin' UFO !!! And I am driving at 65 m.p.h. -- RIGHT TOWARDS IT !!! It scared the ((deleted)) me so much I was trying in those few seconds to figure out how to turn around, but the ditch to the other side of the highway was too steep, I'd get stuck in my Ford Escort if I tried it. So, my next thought was to floor it --- fly at high speed right under the bridge and UFO -- but as I got up to it, I was then thinking, this might be the ONLY chance I ever get to see something like this, so I mustered all my nerve and found a place to pull over. I sat there for what I thought was 15 minutes, virtually frozen in my seat, scared to death, watching this thing move slowly to the other side of the highway over a large police radio tower next to the bridge ... it was only a few hundred feet from me... I felt I could have hit it with a rock or a baseball if I'd had the nerve. Well, it hovered, turned -- rotated, actually -- very slowly, and I unwound my window and heard NO sound, just crickets and cars passing by. I looked at two as they went by, I remember seeing the people looking up at it, and thinking I wasn't the only person seeing this. The proverbial "deer in the headlights" phrase kept going thru my mind. It was larger than a two-story house, just floating there, and I definitely had the feeling I was being watched, I was NEVER so scared in my entire life. It had what looked like a notch cut out of one side of it, otherwise it seemed almost round, but there were actually flat sides to it, like a dodecahedron, with what I would describe as xmas tree lights all over it, but much more brighter and more brilliant, brilliant colors of blue, red, yellow, purple, all kinds of colors. I could also see what looked like metal-work on it behind the lights, like, beams or something, and I remember thinking WOW, this is something not made on this planet ! The thing floated there for 15 minutes, or so I thought.... because it then moved slowly away, disappeared over a hill, and I drove home, went up to my apartment, drained from this, but I couldn't sleep, so I sat down in my dark apartment at my kitchen table, sat there for what I thought was 10 -15 mins., looked at my watch and was stunned to see it was 3:30 am !! So what happened to the time ?? I still do not know, I am now looking into some hypnosis sessions to find out what happened, my sister knows a woman who does hypnosis. Anyway, although the experience scared the living crap out of me at the time, I was glad to have experienced it because it gave me insight into the fact that not only are we NOT alone, but that how insignificant things can be on this lonely little planet in a corner of the Universe in the grand scheme of things.

Not that things aren't important here, but just to know that there are many other things going on we have NO clue about in the vastness of space. And not only that, but at least I "know" in my heart what "I saw" and no one can take that away from me,even if they don't believe me at least I believe what I myself saw. The next night, I got on the radio and asked if anyone had seen anything and got 4 or 5 calls from people who'd seen similar looking UFOs the night before, one down near the Merritt Parkway and another near Waterbury I remember.