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Occurred : 4/24/2004 01:30 (Entered as : 04/24/2004 1:30)
Reported: 4/24/2004 8:52:56 PM 20:52
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Tinley Park, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:3 -5 minutes
Red Light Hovering Motionless In the Sky

At 0130 hrs on 4/24/04, I was driving westbound on I-80 through the far southern suburbs of Chicago. Upon crossing under the Harlem Ave. overpass, I noticed a single cherry-red colored light hanging motionless in the sky south/southwest of the expressway at about a 70 degree angle to the horizon. It was about the size and intensity of a very bright star. At first I thought it to be the port-side red wing light on a plane but the odd thing was there were no other navigation lights visible (no belly or tail strobe, no green starboard wing light, etc.) I also thought that it might be a star or planet at first, but as I drove westward I eventally passed under it at which time it was then behind me (but still motionless in the same position on the sky). I then got off of I-80 and headed southbound on U.S. Route 45 (LaGrange Rd.) and the light was still there in it's original position with my car now headed south and the light being to my left still at about 70 degrees to the now eastern horizon. Although I couldn't tell how big or high up it really was, I got the impression that it was lower than planes would be heading into Midway Airport (I was at 19500 south and Midway is at 6300 south on the Chicago area's street grid). Also of note was there was no noise, and if it were a helicopter, I think I would have been close enough to hear the rotors, see other navigation lights and probably even see some of the body of a helicopter. There was no shape discernible here...just the bright, hovering pinpoint of light. After briefly heading west on 195th St., I then turned south, but when I looked for the light in the eastern sky, it was gone. I noticed the light had a vey crisp, clean color to twinkling like a star and it's color was differant than a red radio antanea light or plane wing was almost the shade of those old "blue dot" taillights or maybe those bright new LED lights used on new stop lights and railroad crossings.

NOTE - Although I do have an interest in UFO's, this was the first time I've seen or reported anything unidentified first-hand.

((NUFORC Note: Please see similar reports for 21AU04 in same location. PD))


Tinley Park Follow-up

I was the individual who submitted the original Tinley Park "red light" sighting back in April. I can't possibly imagine that the light was caused by advertising lasers as there would be absolutely no way to determine where the advertiser was located on the ground (hence not a very effective means of advertising).....also, there was no light trail leading to a spot on the ground like a traditional advertising spot light would have (either the single oscillating beam kind or the newer 4 -beam type that makes the "figure-8's" in the sky). Also, when I saw the light, it was in the early AM when all retail would be closed. While brighter than a star, it really wouldn't have been all that noticable unless you looked up into that exact area of the sky and you realized it wasn't the "normal" red color of an airplane wing light and that it was stationary (in other words, it didn't appear to be anything designed to attract the attention of peo ple on the ground). Lastly, the area I saw it over contains warehouses, some residential subdivisions and vacant fields but no retail or late night places such as bars or all-night restraunts.

Here's a thought - The Tweeter Center (the Chicago area's main outdoor music amphitheater) isn't far away from the area in Tinley Park where I saw the light....could they possibly have a laser projection system that was pointed upward instead of towards the stage??? I've been to Tweeter in the past however and I think all of their lighting and projection stuff is under a pavilion roof so it wouldn't have exposure to the sky...also I don't recall any clouds the evening I saw the light that a laser would bounce off just seemed to be hovering mid-air in a clear sky (but no indication of anything solid attached to, or behind the light). Also, I think 4/24 was too early in the season for Tweeter to be having concerts and even if they were, the event would have been long over at the time I passed the area.

Anyone else have thoughts on the mystery??