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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/1987 22:30
Reported: 4/30/2004 11:29:36 AM 11:29
Posted: 5/4/2004
Location: Olancha, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:20 minits
In re to; Call I placed to you on 04-30-04 at 10;20 am. Note ; {unabe to enter date in report form}. Dear Mr. Davenport. Thank you for your time and effert. In 1987 I was assighned to The United States Dept. of the Interior, B.L.M. at the Olancha Ca. This was a prototype Uni-Mog test,we were responsible for over one million acres. At approx. 22;30 we were dispatced from heatquarters in San Bernadino to a fire reported by a deputy sherrif, in the Panamont valley area, this I thought unuseual since a unit was available much closer than us. We responded, and on the highway to death Valley, Panmont Valley and to a small town called Darwen, in 15 minite of Traval time,at appox 60 mph we saw what I at first thought was a semi-truck on the left, we whre going east,just off the road. We did not have on the overhead lights since we were in the midle of nowhere and did not use lights and sirens in unpopulated areas. We slowed and stoped in the middle of the rd. We all saw a saucer, at least 60 feet wide,appox15 to 20 feet high, below the raise road bed, light up by a bright :bug light yellow interior light,showing through portholes across the upper area that was nearly even to the road,since it rested on the desert floor and not the raised highway. My engeneer became very frightend and rolled up into a fetal possition on the floor of the vehicle. He is a Georgia country boy, and not a small man at all. My Capt. who was driveing at the time looked catatonic, and simply said,"Ive seen these before". I turned on the overhead rotaiting lights,the saucer turned off its lights. I tried to radio headquarters and the radio was dead. I left the engine and approched the saucer. I knew this was real and was very excited and interested,so I touched it with my hand, wearing a glove. The saucer rose up, no noise,lights out,and I could see it blocking out the stars, they were very bright. It rose to perhaps 30 feet,crossed directly over my head and landed just as it was before,just off the road and slightly b! elow it, now instead of arms length away,30 to 40 feet away. At this time for the first time during this incident I felt fear instead of amazment. I thought something was trying to sneak up on me from behind out of the dark. My memory is not clear from this point. My crew remained in the engine the whole time, somehow I foun myself handsignaling my Capt. in the back up lights of the engine , dircting him to back down a very narrow winding road. I dont know how we got their, engine,crew and all. Eventually we came to a gate, lock in place,but unlocked, and ended up in the town of darwen. I think we were on China Lake Naval Weapons Depot. and drove in to Dawen. You do not just go to China Lake . You will be shot if you manage to get far enough, even in uniform. I understand the Navy took the wholle town of Darwen and leveled it, due to its closeness to the base. It was just a few gold miners their.I filed a report with the navy and was contacted by a rear Admeral who interveiwed me and kept asking me if I was aware they had a captured Russian gun ship, helicopter and that it was classified. He aked what I knew about helicopters, and when I informed him my duties requiered to fly offten, he said,"with your knowladge of helicopters,what type would you say this was" Fially I responded with" I would say it is no type of helicopter I am familure with. He was content with tat answer. I will reach the other officers who were with me. You can reach ((name deleted)) at 530-((number deleted)), ((name deleted) Station. U.S.D.I. B.L.M. I am sure he will talk to you. I just called, but he is on duty,I left a message to call me. I will have more details for you if interested. Thank you. ((name and contact information deleted)) P.S. I am over what ever affect this had on me now, However, I did have some physical symptoms, and begain sleeping with my Ruger Pistol chambered under my pillow. I had some fear after this. That I do not understand, I was not affraid at the time, and was allways comfertable in any situation. It was unusual for me to keep a weapon in a state of that readyness in my own home. Any way, thank you for your time. ((name deleted)).

((NUFORC Note: We spoke at length with this witness via telephone, and he sounded quite credible to us. He has contacted at least one of the other witnesses, and will encourage that person to submit additional eyewitness reports. PD))