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Occurred : 5/13/2004 04:00 (Entered as : 05/13/2004 4:00)
Reported: 5/12/2004 8:27:22 PM 20:27
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Melbourne (VIC, Australia),
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 mins
disc type object sighted along the coast of melbourne, AU south eastern area. 4 object, similar size, moving at a slow pace but quick.

i was driving towards the early hours of 4am melbourne, australia. while driving along the freeway at a dark traffic-less rd i glanced towards the south-east direction of the sky. at that moment i saw 2 flying objects floating or going at a very slow pace, i dont know if it was going fast or slow assuming the fact i was driving and moving at the same direction these object were headed.

the distance of these objects appeared close to sea level (around 500 meters above).

the objects had no lights and i could clearly see the colour of blue/greenish from that distance or maybe perhaps some reflection of the sea nearby made it visible to the eye.

figuring out the shape was the next thing comes to mind, it was a flat type almost like a saucer but from the angle im at, i dont know what shape it would look like if i was to see it side-to-side.

around 2 mins of witness this object, it seems that it is becoming aware. i distanced itself from my point of view, it was going towards the sea. it manouvered almost at a glanced-speed. it was faster than any craft-type object that i have EVER seen. all of a sudden 2 more object, exactly the same, appeared side-by-side, making a "four on a dice" formation. from my angle it was a diamond formation.

im sure it wasnt a plane or birds because it had no wings and no sound or movement involving as i rolled down my window constanly glancing at the object.

the objects subconciously followed the direction of where im headed, except it was in front the whole time. around 15mins later, i glanced once again and starting to shift away from my point of view, almost disappeared towards the dark grey sky. thats the part where i couldnt figure out where it went or how it disappeared.

on the same stretch of road there was only 2 witness that had the same description that i found out 45 mins later because for an early morning break at a local food station.

we exchanged numbers and information about the sightings. the two people who witnessed the sightings contacted the bureu of investigation in melbourne, australia and still pending.