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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/3/1999 23:20 (Entered as : 08/03/1999 23:20)
Reported: 5/21/2004 8:45:10 PM 20:45
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Blue Ridge Summit (area), PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:12 minutes
It was a warm summer night i was on my way to work the night sky was very clear ,and the sky was full of stars but from my view i could not see the moon because of the mountain and trees.As i crossed over the summit and headed down the other side i noticed way off in the sky, lights very bright but yet not bright like a spot light they had a soft white glow to them thier was 3 that i noticed at that time. I remmber thinking it must be a plane or helicopter possibly because of one place i travel past, i must be careful about how i explain the exact spot in which i got a very good look at this object which blended into the night sky it did have a shape but i cannot really say what it was,The lights which where large but did not give off any beam from them only a soft white glow.thier is as i mentioned about the location a military base ,this base is considerted top seret it is built into a mountain and is very active,sorry but that is all i can give as far as exact location,the only objects ever seen flying at any given time of the day is a black helicopter which is a partrol chopper. but most of the time only in the daylight hours is it seen.i stopped my car after i determined that this object was indeed moveing and that it had decended to a height that it was hoovering,or floating over the trees i could still not make out a spacific shape it was possibly a dark color 3 lights like a triangle i later thought of the triangle shape because that is the shape the lights where in. Since i am very familiar with the area i pulled off the road onto a small road turned off my car and got out i stood thier looking at this thing for about 5 minutes all that time i had a ringing type sound in my ears it was like a low flat ringing i noticed it right as stopped my vehicle thier was no sound of a motor or propeller noise only this ringing type noise ,it went away after i pulled back out onto the road i was worried that the military would be comeing this area is very well guarded thier is said to ! have cameras set up everywhere monitoring the base everyone that goes by this place. I started driveing down the road i looked into my rear door mirror and i could still see the lights it was as if the object was just sitting thier in the sky. I continued to drive i did'nt want to be late for work but i was by then very curiouse as to what it was i observed was it a new type plane? One thing i do know this base does'nt deal with planes or building them . I never told anyone about that night,i wanted to but around here storys of ufo's aliens it is looked at as crazy talk,but i know what i saw that night and i wished i had a camera because i would have used it but all i have is a clear memory that i still think of to this day. Allso 2 days after this event i got extremly sick and weak i consulted my doctor which he told me he did'nt know what made me sick all he could do was tell me to drink water,and get rest the following day i felt much better,did i get sick from some type exposer to something that night ? Probably not,but it crossed my mind. Allso 1 week after this event i recieved 6 phone calls only who ever it was would not talk they would stay on long enough for me to say hello then hang up i have never gotten calls of this type ever and allso my phone number is private that just added more to think about from that particular night. thank you for reading this and allso for giveing me a chance to tell this,it has in a small way released many many years of preasure because i did want to tell someone,but fear of ridicule can be be very strong in makeing a right decision.Ever since that night i have not watched the sky as i use .

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. Source elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))