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Occurred : 23:00 (Entered as : 23:00)
Reported: 5/29/2004 1:48:54 PM 13:48
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Milltown (Canada), NB
Shape: Circle
I wonder where they are today, and if they are coming back to visit us again

It was about dusk when my friend an I saw a bright light coming across a mountain range in milltown maine U S A. I was about 12 years then. I shouted to my father to look up in the sky,we ran to where my dad was,by that time the space craft was right over our house. It just hovered there for about a minute or so, it never made a sound, it was a very clean and it was round with large pipes protruding out of the bottom. On the top of the craft there was a object shaped just like a windshield of a car rotating around, something like radar or a force field or something.The very outside rim had windows all around it,my father saw people looking out at us. Then after a minute the craft began to move without a sound, it was travelling west. It came from the east over the bay of fundy. The spacecraft was only about 100 feet above our house,it was the size of tennis court or a little bigger.It moved slowly west about 2 miles, then it stopped for a couple of seconds,3 large orange balls of lava looking material dropped out of the bottom with equal distance between them. We were all standing there staring at this monment in our history wondering WHAT,WHERE, WHY, HOW and WHEN or if we would ever see this ever again.Ater the 3 balls fell to the earth the craft dissappeared instantly.Those few short monents have been with us all our lives. I ask my brothers an sisters over the years if they ever think of that night and all of them including myself an my dad said they think of that night every day.We are not sure of who they were but they know that we are thinking of them. I often think they will be back one day, either for a visit or to accomplish whatever it is that they have to do.This was such a great experience,it was so uplifting that it makes me fell very special to be apart of that very special evening.

((NUFORC Note: Date is unknown. PD))