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Occurred : 23:00 (Entered as : 23:00)
Reported: 5/31/2004 12:00:11 AM 00:00
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: 14 Island Lake (Canada), QC
Shape: Fireball
Duration:~2-3 sec.
A 2-3 second streak of an emerald green laser-like light leaving a long thin green line of light like a hi-liter pen in its wake.

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To begin with, I apologize for not being able to, not only pin-point the dates of these events with any accuracy, but the years also. I have read your Hoax/Joke reference & concur with the rationality of its content. Secondly, both my wife & myself are not prone to UFO/Alien theories, BUT likewise, we are also old enough (mid-60's) not to be so gullible as to not believe that there are indeed "things" in this world/universe which do in fact appear to be rather unexplainable. Thirdly, since it is you who has "publicly requested" reports of UFO??? sightings via this Website, here is what "we" saw in the first incident sometime in the '80's, & what "I" saw in a second incident in the mid to late 90's.

We live on the N/E. shoreline of 14 Island Lake in the Municipality of of St. Hippolyte, Quebec (50 miles N. of Montreal). House located on hillside ~50 ft. above water & ~75'from water's edge. When facing the lake from our deck, there's a huge 90'-100' pine tree about 30' left of the deck, most of whose branches extend outward toward the lake, and which hides our view down the shoreline to the left. Extending outwards across the lake, about 1/4 mi. away, beyond that pine tree to the left, are two islands in the distance which hide most of the rest of the lake surface to the S. & S/W. from our view. Also, across the lake, about 15 degrees to the left of us, is another island (with open water to its left and right) which is also visible from our deck as well as the shoreline and rising mountains beyond the far shoreline ~1/2 mi. away. To our right there are also tall trees 60'-70' which partially block our view of the mountains to the W. & N/W. Obviously at night up here it can be very dark and any unusual light(s) or lighting will immediately attract the eye.

In both these incidents, it should first be noted that even in full darkness, the outlines of the trees on "our" shoreline, on the islands, and the outline of the distant mountains are clearly visible against the sky are always visible, unless of course it would be cloudy/misty. In both cases the nights were starry & clear.

First Incident:- (In the 80's). While standing outside leaning on the railing & facing the lake talking & having a smoke arpound 23:00, suddenly from our left (from beyond the branches of the pine tree), an emerald green mini-ball of light suddenly just shot in a absolutely dead straight line across the lake on the "near side" of the two islands I just previously described as being ~1/4 mi. beyond the pine tree. I would say that the light was traveling downwards at maybe 2-3 degrees. It then disappeared behind the trees on the second island I just described, but it did not re-appear over the water to the right of that island. It just disappeared. All this could not have taken more than 2-3 seconds.

The part I find interesting, is that this light was not up high in the sky, but very low over the water. It had to be, because it's line of travel was well below the outline of the trees on the two islands to our left. Therefore, logically, if it was below the island treeline, that would have to mean that the light past between us and the islands. And since it was streaking downwards towards the right, it could only have gone either into the lake at some point behind the other island, or into the shoreline on the far side of the lake. Those latter two locations are out of our line of sight from the deck. My wife & I just looked at each other in silence; we knew we'd both seen what I described, but at the time, we figured, "Who the hell's gonna believe that." Come to think of it, right now, I'm still trying to figure out why I've even bothered sending this report.

Really, the best way I can describe the shape and brightness of this light, would be to say it sort of resembled the appearance of Disney's "Tinkerbell" when she was very far in the distance; just a small brilliant laser-like light that seemed to have a hint of a faint halo but with no real space between the light and the halo - and with just a bit of a shimmering effect to it.

One other thing that might be worth mentioning, is that the next day there were also reports in Montreal, and on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River of people having seen a shooting emerald green light in the sky.

2nd Incident:- Same setting as 1st incident, only I was alone standing at the front door leading onto the deck at about 23:00. Suddenly, this time from the right, the same green light streaked across the lake in front of me and just disappeared in mid-flight; it just sort of "winked out" so-to-speak. This time it appeared to run in a very horizontal plane as it streaked by and was only visible for 2-3 seconds. Again, this light had to have past directly over the lake, because I could see the light against the mountains in the background across the lake, and since the mountains across the lake are about 250'-300' high, I would guess the light must have passed by at ~ 100-200 ft. above the water. This time the light appeared to be closer to me; maybe 1/4-1/3 mi. away. Note:- the lake is only about 1/2 mi. wide at this point.

So there ya have it - our visit from "Whatever".

((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Dates of both incidents are unknown. PD))