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Occurred : 8/17/2003 23:45 (Entered as : 08/17/2003 23:45)
Reported: 7/7/2004 3:49:23 PM 15:49
Posted: 7/8/2004
Location: Saskatoon (Canada), SK
Shape: Disk
Duration:2-3 minutes
ufo spotted over Saskatoon

A friend and I were sitting outside his house in the most northern community in Saskatoon. My friend looked up into the sky, and his jaw dropped. I turned around and looked up to see what he was looking at. I could clearly see the black silhouette of a saucer against the orange glow of the night sky. It was a slightly cloudy night which, sometimes caused the sky to be orange at night rather than black. Anyways, this disk had 3 flashing lights on the bottom, but each time one of the lights flashed the light was a different color. The Disc also appeared to be flying fairly low, being that we saw it against the clouds from below supports this. The really strange thing is that neither of us heard a thing, not the whine of a jet engine, or pulsing of a helicopter rotor, so it definately was not a plane or a helicopter. My friend and I couldn't help but watch as this object silently flew out of site in a matter of minutes, and being in Saskatchewan it had to go a long way before it is out of site. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it before, but this incident has opened our eyes, and we are now constatly glancing up at the sky for another glimpse. Now I am not sure if this is the absolutely correct date, i know it was a sunday night during mid-late august.