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Occurred : 7/8/2004 13:30 (Entered as : 07/08/2004 13:30)
Reported: 7/12/2004 9:14:52 AM 09:14
Posted: 7/25/2004
Location: Mazarron,
Duration:35 mins
Very odd Clouds behaving uncloudlike

Thursday 8th July 2004. Mazarron, Murcia, Spain.

Between 13.45 and 14.00. Hot day, temperatures in high 20’s C, light breeze, enough to stir the leaves, clear blue skies. No clouds to the north, east or south, Clouds forming to the south west, up and over the distant hills, and moving to the west. These hills start at about four miles south, and run down the coast southward.

Walking the dog up the road, in a northwest direction I noticed a bright white cloud ahead. It caught my notice, as there were no other clouds visible in the sky.

I walked to within 150 yards of the end of this road, where at the end there are a line of trees, all about 40 to 50 feet high. This cloud seemed to be very close behind the trees and low. Half of it was below the top quarter of the trees, the remainder in clear view. It was swirling like clouds do, changing shape and forming tails that broke off into small pieces of cloud, move away, and seemed to go back into the main cloud. Then the cloud seemed to evaporate a little and re build itsself again. I watched for two or so minutes, and it disappeared totally. I turned back to home, but glanced back about 15 seconds later and the cloud was back again in the same spot.

On reaching home, I took my binoculars and went up onto the roof of the block of apartments. I estimate the deck to be about 65 feet high.

There are three blocks in a row all of about the same size from the roof you can only see the roof of the next block. There sure enough was the cloud, but it must have been higher than it’s original position as it appeared to be a few feel higher then the top of the roof of the next block.

Photo !. Shows the roof from where I first observed it, point A on the map, behind the left of the two chimney like stacks, and extending midway between the two. It was doing as I previously described, shrinking, fading enlarging and disappearing. It did not drift in any direction, but remained in roughly the same spot, suddenly to vanish completely.

There were no other clouds in the sky remember. Suddenly a round cloud, appeared over the top of the hill to the west, a mile from here, marked B on the map, in line with the two palm trees in the centre of the photograph. It was about half an inch across, remained stationary there for about a minute, then vanished.

The cloud at point A reappeared within seconds of this.

The cloud evaporated again, and the round cloud appeared over the same hill slightly to the right and lower than before. It changed shape, ending up seeming to stand on end in a curved line, and just vanished.

It reappeared over the hills at point C on the map, over the end of the line of hills three miles away to the north, remaining stationary. It did not appear to change shape, and seemed a little bigger than when it was closer.

I then noticed a large cloud appearing from behind the line of hills to the north, in direct line with the round cloud. It came slowly in a straight line, stopping a distance away from the round cloud, point D on the map. Neither moved as I watched for about a minute. When I glanced back in the to centre of the valley to my amazement there were ten or more small clouds over various parts to the west of the valley, some below and some above the top line of the hills to the north. These cloudlets changed shapes, evaporated or grew larger, some starting with a small dot of white, and developing into small clouds about the size of my little finger. The cloud in the original position (A) was back there.

Photo B. Is taken from the point I moved back too, to get out of the sun. I was able to see points C and D, and across the valley to the east. I became aware of a large cloud coming over the hills to the east, eight miles or more from here, the highest hill to the right of the photograph, and it slowly came in a straight line across the middle of the valley, followed by an identical cloud some 15 seconds later, on the course as the first. They were travelling at the same speed. The first one at its closest point was between me and the hills to the north east, and there was about two inches of sky between its bottom edge and the tops of the hills. It seemed to be about four inches long. It stopped at a point just before the cream wall in the photograph. Both of them stopped, at points E and F on the map, and began to evaporate, and I looked at the two other clouds at C and D and they too were fading.

There was not a cloud to be seen. After a few minutes the original cloud re appeared.

I had to leave at this point. Sighting lasted 25 mins. On the roof At 18.00 hours I had to go out, and the cloud was once again over the trees at the end of the road. I did not have time to observe it, and it was gone when I returned an hour later. There were no other clouds in the sky anywhere.

I have drawn the clouds as best I can. They were like no clouds I have ever seen, in formation, movement across the sky and lack of movement within itsself.

This area is semi arid, with the valley floor covered with plastic greenhouses, but no industry. I checked for a fire as the possible source of the clouds, but there were none. I Thought maybe the local climate could have caused this effect, however this is unlikely, as we have had a week of similar weather conditions, some days with clouds, all of them very high in the sky, and all of them behaving as one would expect clouds to behave. They were unlike any clouds I have ever seen, (both from above and below clouds).

I have a map and three location photographs. I am e mailing you the map,drawings of clouds and location photographs ((name deleted))