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Occurred : 7/1/1963 21:00
Reported: 9/17/2003 8:58:31 AM 08:58
Posted: 7/25/2004
Location: Lincoln, MO
Shape: Other
Lights in the Sky? What are they and where did they c ome from? Benton County Missouri July 1,1963

THE DATE IS JULY 1, 1963 FROM 9 O CLOCK TO TWELVE MIDNIGHT A VERY STRANGE EVENT TOOK PLACE.The lights over a farm that was one mile south and three miles east out on lake raod H highway just outside of Lincoln Missouri. It was told that many people were very upset at seeing lights over the farm that is out in front of a gravel road just off the blacktop H. Cattle horses hogs and other livestock animals died or literally run themselves to death along with several species of wild-life. From the southern end of Sedalia missouri it was thought that a massive fire was taking place. Some people sent fire trucks down to Benton county because it was thought there was a fire.

according to people there were hundreds of billions of lights in the sky some of them were lights within lights all colors imaginable. But the animals ran in sheer fright and the ones who didn't run; all died. The vets who come into the area said that many of the animals died as if run to death. Many farmers in the area lost thousands of dollars in livestock and crops. Other people fell dead thinking that it was the end of the world.

There was the meeting of the townspeople and all of them wonderd what had happend that day. Someone told that a child had been born exactly seven hours earlier in Menora hospital of Kansas City Missouri. The child's home was where all of the lights were seen above. Many of the farmers in the region lost their livelihoods and were deeply bitter. It was the night of devestation. Very few if any are alive today to talk about it. Most people do not want to talk of it. Most people deny anything happend.

But they didn't want it to happen again. Funny about all of this is that the man of the house on this farm said that he went to bed at eight o clock. Most of the animals he had down at the barn consisted of Beagles and if there had been anything strange going on the head dog would have made a racket about it. The next morning; all of the dogs were fine the females with their puppies were all fine. The man didn't say anything but listined to everyone at work talking about what happend in the night He thought everyone was crazy. Although he did look around the yard and found cow patties on the ground and several hoof marks and paths going up and down the pasture but still, none of the dogs knew anything about it. So that is one of the stories right there. If there is anyone who is out there who knows more about what happend may they enter their findings here. Any information on this wierd incident would be welcome. ITs here to either be proved or disproved. all entries are welcome.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We would welcome more information, or newspaper articles, about the alleged incident. Does anyone else know anything about this event? PD))