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Occurred : 7/17/2004 17:00 (Entered as : 07/17/2004 17:00)
Reported: 7/19/2004 7:13:41 AM 07:13
Posted: 7/25/2004
Location: New York City (Staten Island), NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:50 seconds
Strange White Neon Light UFO Staten Island 7-17-04 @ approx 5:00pm Annadale

I have been going to Staten Island to my relatives house for BBQ nearly every weekend for the last 2 months. I have seen 3 sightings on 3 different days, but this is the latest one which happened 2 days ago.

What I saw was a sphere shaped craft hovering over my house at nearly 2500 feet.

It did not move at all, and there were 2 times when it was non-visible then reappeared in the same original location.

Although it was a nice day out, the craft appeared to be equipt with the most personalised self luminous white light. This light looked somewhat neon white, or a flourecent white that was obvious to be seen.

My sister was outside with me, and I was pointing over the house but she was not able to see because she was seated under the umbrella for shade from the sun.

I said, "look at that in the sky.. If you see what I am looking at, you will believe in UFO's" but she did not bother to get up.

I did have my camcorder with me, but was hesitant on filming at first because it is very difficult to find small distant objects in the view finder and LCD. Now this is a brand new 3 week old "P*n*s*nic" digital camcorder, plus I wanted to absorb it mentally, but then changed my mind.

I tried to look at the location of the craft by sight, this way I would not spend too much time looking for it with the camcorder. When I first pointed the camcorder into the sky and hit record I did not realize that the craft was in the bottom left corner of the viewfinder so I tried to zoom in thinking I did not yet find it. Shortly after I gave up when the light was no longer visible.

As I said before, this was the third sighting. This one appeared to be a stationary self luminous neon white light that disappeared and reappeared twice.

The other sightings were black spheres.

The other sightings were also with my sister, and I again pointed out to look in the sky over the backyard which she did and saw what she described as "birds" possibly out of denial.

Just some backround info. I have lived in my relatives house for 20 years, and then moved out to an apartment complex in Brooklyn 13 years ago. It was great to get out from home but I have much difficulty adjusting to confinement in a small apartment with no yard.

That is why I am always outside looking up in the sky from time to time enjoying where I spent many of my years as a child.